Chocolate Dinner Mint Cake

Dinner Mint Cake

Okay, we are heading straight into the home stretch of Tis The Season, and one of things I am always doing this time of year is looking for the perfect combo of show-stopper and easy when it comes to that big holiday dinner dessert.  You know, the one that is going to get you a round of oohs and aahs when you bring it out, and then has your dining room settle down to delirious quietness because everyone is eating in happy holiday bliss...but also the one that is not going to keep you in the kitchen for hours.  Welcome to that dessert! Read More & Get the Recipe

French Silk Pie

French Silk Pie

Here comes the time of year when I start stockpiling those dessert recipes that seem a little too luxurious for the rest of the year, but absolutely required at this time of year.  Decadent, luscious, swirly chocolate luxury on a plate.  But here's the thing for me...with everything else going on between now and January 2nd when I swear off everything but celery, it has to be EASY.  And totally RELIABLE.  Because the two things I don't want to happen are to be spending all day making some elaborate concoction, and/or to have said concoction not come out okay.  Which is why I adore French Silk is swirly chocolately decadent lusciousness, and it is both easy and perfect every time. Read More & Get the Recipe

White Chocolate Lemon Tart with Raspberry Sauce

White chocolate lemon tart

A while back, my sweet sister-in-law Claudia was coming for dinner.  Oh sure, she was bringing my brother along with her, but when it came to dessert I was really focused on her, because she always serves up a wonderful dessert at her house and I wanted to take care of her the way she takes care of me!  I know she loves chocolate...but it was a pretty spring afternoon, and a dark chocolate something...I just wasn't feeling it.  But a scrumptious, easy lemon and white chocolate tart with a raspberry sauce?  Yup.  I was feeling THAT. Read More & Get the Recipe

Bacon S’mores!


It's summer!  Lazy, hazy, wonderful summer.  And with summer come all the delicious taste sensations that are at their best when the days are long and the nights are for sleeping with the windows open: sweet corn, cheeseburgers on the grill, lemonade mint iced tea, absolutely anything made with fresh-picked basil, and of course, s'mores.  I am like a little kid with s'mores and all their graham cracker/chocolate/melty-marshmallow deliciousness.  There's nothing that can be better than a sticky, sweet, warm s'more, right?  Right?  Well, now that you mention it... Read More & Get the Recipe

Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cupcakes


Welcome to the latest in my "no, I'm not going to take the easy road and just make banana muffins out of those ripe bananas" posts, wherein I take those overripe bananas I always seem to have lounging around on my countertop and make something out of them that is not banana muffins.  Not that I don't love my banana muffin recipe - I do!  But you only go around once, and I wanted to make sure that I got in at least a couple batches of these banana chocolate chip coffee cupcakes. Read More & Get the Recipe

Maple Chocolate Bacon Skewers


A couple of weeks ago, my parents went to the Reading Terminal Market.  I've never been there, but it's on my bucket list, as I hear it is as close as you can get to heaven on earth for a foodie like me.  They came back with all kinds of goodies for me, including the package I love above all other packages...white butcher paper, about 4 inches wide by 10 inches long, with the unmistakable aroma of thick-cut bacon wafting out of it.  (Yes, I can smell the thickness of bacon through paper.  I can.)  So I did what any reasonable person would do...I made maple chocolate bacon skewers. Read More & Get the Recipe