Pressed Wedge Salad with Shrimp

Wedge salad is one of those things that the Southern husband just can’t resist when he sees it on a menu.  Even though he has had it a million times before.  Even though wedge salad is usually pretty much the same wherever you have it – a wedge of iceberg lettuce drizzled in blue cheese dressing and scattered with tomatoes and pieces of bacon.  Hey, with all that going on I can’t blame the guy, and after watching him order it for the millionth time, it finally dawned on me that maybe I should make it at home, which is how my classic wedge salad recipe post was born.

But as usual, I can’t leave well enough alone, so I started messing with wedge salad ideas.  I kept all the essential bits – the iceberg, the blue cheese, the tomatoes, the BACON…but as with my recent spin on steak Caesar salad, I wanted to make it a little easier to eat.  And I wanted to get a little more protein in there so it could hold its head up high as a legit meal to serve for dinner.  And so with only a little extra effort than the normal wedge salad, voila!  The pressed wedge salad with shrimp!  Here goes.

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Molasses Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Does anyone remember Chipwiches?  I have a fond, find memory of these late, great, gone but not forgotten ice cream sandwich beauties.  I was in college, and I had a summer job working on Wall Street in downtown New York City for a corporate law firm.  This was an awesome thing because aside from getting to commute in and out of work on the train with my dad every day (which I LOVED – he would share his New York Times with me in the morning and buy me pretzel sticks for the ride home), it was also my first real introduction to the noisy, frenetic, aromatic, hustle and bustle that is summer in New York City.  It was also the summer that the Chipwich took Manhattan by storm, which many years later has led to these molasses cookie ice cream sandwiches.  

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Grilled Cheese Asparagus Salad

I realized WAY late in the game that April is National Grilled Cheese Month, which is a pretty pathetic state of affairs for a food blogger.  Especially one (like me) who lives for a good grilled cheese sandwich.  In a last minute effort to catch up, I’ve included some of my all-time favorite grilled cheeses in the related posts at the bottom of this one, but given that April is also 3 short months away from National Bikini Month, I am combining this grilled cheese with a delectable asparagus and apple salad to make it a fair fight between grilled cheese and the possibility of me getting into a bikini in 3 months.

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The Best Steak Caesar Salad Ever. Really.

I will freely admit it – I can be annoying to go out to eat with.  Maybe it is because I am a food blogger (although I kind of doubt it, because all my wonderful food blogger friends are amazingly nice, sweet, the opposite-of-annoying people.  David and Robyn and Lori and Lindsay and Kristen and Joanne, I’m looking at you guys.  THE BEST.).  Anyway, I can’t seem to get in and out of anywhere without psychoanalyzing the food…and it’s not only my own dinner.  Nope, the Southern husband gets dragged into my crazy as well, which actually doesn’t work out badly for him because then I go home and start trying to reinvent whatever it was that he ordered.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out…well.  Like the 25 times I crashed and burned trying to make chicken fried steak.  Those were dark days.  But sometimes…oh sometimes I manage to reassemble a recipe into something that we both agree is pretty dang great.  That could of course be his self-preservation instincts kicking in, but in the case of this Steak Caesar Salad, I do think I may have added something to the Caesar salad pantheon.  See what you think!

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Sweet and Sour Shrimp in Pineapple Boats

You gotta wonder what inspired the first guy to eat a pineapple what prompted him to try the pineapple in the first place.  Because the outside of a pineapple is prickly and forbidding pretty much all over.  But once you cut into a nice ripe pineapple and get that first whiff of sweet, tender pineapple deliciousness…I would like to find that guy and thank him.  Or her.  Because while canned pineapple is nice and convenient and all, I’m here to tell you that once you make that first slice, pineapples are very cooperative, and canned pineapple cannot hold a candle to fresh stuff.  And…bonus points!…the pineapple shells make extremely fun boats to serve whatever you are serving.  In this case, we will be making a super easy, super delicious sweet and sour shrimp.  With, you know, pineapple!

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Shortcut Fried Chicken Salad

Things I am not shy about include the following:  That I am totally willing to put bacon into pretty much anything, including all forms of dessert.  That I keep a bag of puffed Cheetos in my house at all times in case of, you know, emergency.  Puffed, not the crunchy kind.  That every once in a while, it is okay to serve your family Frito Chili Pie for dinner, so long as you make them something super-healthy both the day before and the day after.  And that there is a time and place for working KFC chicken into your fried chicken salad, and that if you do, your fried chicken salad is going to taste all kinds of magnificent.
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