Grilled Fish Tacos!

I’ve been in a serious fish taco mood lately.  A corn tortilla, crunchy lettuce, sweet tomato, spicy creamy sauce, tangy lime, bet-you-can’t-eat-just-one fish taco mood.  And so the Southern husband has been getting a steady diet of fish tacos (it is SO convenient that tortillas only come in packs of approximately one million) as I figure out which variety of fish taco is my very, very favorite.  First up: grilled fish tacos, complete with all that good stuff I listed above AND some sweet grilled pineapple just for good measure.
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Smoked Salmon Potato Bites

I don’t make things with smoked salmon that often – I’m not sure why, because whenever we have it I remember that it is tender and salty and tastes like the ocean.  But I tend to like it in little bits, like the recipe for everything scrambled eggs that I posted last week, which means that whenever I buy it I tend to have leftover smoked salmon in the fridge.  And while I always can and do whirl some of it into a salmon cream cheese spread, this time I decided to try it as part of a little appetizer.  Meaning that once again the Southern husband got appetizers for dinner.  (He didn’t seem to mind.)
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Everything Scrambled Eggs

Okay, here is the post where you get to hear about my summer vacation.  You knew it was coming, and there is no escape.  Okay, there IS an escape, but before you hit that escape key, I promise there is a delectable recipe for what I call Everything Scrambled Eggs at the end of this.  If you can bear it.  And if you find yourself anywhere in south central Vermont in the future, there are also a few recommendations below.  Come on with me to Vermont for a minute or two, and then we’ll have eggs!
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Lemon Sage Spatchcock Chicken

Okay, let me get the whole spatchcock explanation done right up front.   When you spatchcock your chicken, you basically cut out the backbone (which is super easy – more on that later!),  which lets you flatten it out so that the chicken is flat instead of round.  It makes it quicker to cook, easier to carve up into pieces, and as an extra added bonus is very fun to say.  As in, “I think I’m going to spatchcock a chicken tonight.”   Ready to spatchcock?
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Fresh Corn Johnnycakes

I am always up for pancakes for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) and I am always up for anything involving fresh corn.  And as the fresh corn season we are in slowly moves towards fall, I am using it before I lose in in everything from salsa to salad to plain old corn on the cob.  But one of my favorite ways to use corn is in good old-fashioned johnnycakes, made with corn puree and cornmeal and topped with fresh corn and did I mention that I love corn?
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Summer Chicken Pasta

I’m determined to keep making things that have “summer” in the title even after fall officially starts.  I saw not one but two farm stands selling pumpkins on our recent Vermont vacation, and that has kicked me into overdrive with the summer recipes, and this one is one of my faves, full of summer squash and local tomatoes and cheery basil.  You can either cook up the chicken for the recipe or use leftover chicken, and it all gets mixed into pasta with a sweet cream sauce.  Let’s go cook up some summer!
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