Mac and Cheese in a Mug!

Every now and then lunchtime rolls around and I get an unbearable craving for macaroni and cheese.  I want it, and I want it NOW.  I don’t want to boil noodles and make a cheese sauce and be eating my mac and cheese ages from now – I just want a quick and delicious single serving of mac and cheese that is quick and perfect and MINE.  Here’s where this recipe for mac and cheese in a mug comes in…it takes your mac and cheese from a twinkle in your eye to digging into that mug in seven minutes.  Seven. Minutes.  Go get your mug.  I’ll wait.

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French Silk Pie

Here comes the time of year when I start stockpiling those dessert recipes that seem a little too luxurious for the rest of the year, but absolutely required at this time of year.  Decadent, luscious, swirly chocolate luxury on a plate.  But here’s the thing for me…with everything else going on between now and January 2nd when I swear off everything but celery, it has to be EASY.  And totally RELIABLE.  Because the two things I don’t want to happen are to be spending all day making some elaborate concoction, and/or to have said concoction not come out okay.  Which is why I adore French Silk Pie…it is swirly chocolately decadent lusciousness, and it is both easy and perfect every time.

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Ramen Burgers!

I’m having a torrid fling with ramen noodles lately.  Yup, those 39 cent packets of evil deliciousness that we all lived on the first year we graduated from college because we couldn’t afford anything else.  For years after that era in my life, I didn’t even think about ramen, much less buy it and eat it.  Until recently, when for some reason I developed deep ramen yearning that led to this cheesy ramen soup, and then recently to this dish of ramen topped with a cheeseburger, a little bacon, some chopped greens and a drizzle of sesame oil over the whole thing.  Yup.  I’m at Defcon One, ramen-wise.

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Mexican Lasagna

At this point, I think I have messed with enough traditional dishes (please see Macaroni and Cheese Cupcakes as a prime example) the fact that I am about to rave about this spiced up lasagna topped with sour cream and scallions will not surprise you one little bit.  So here I go: I’ve kept the noodles and the ricotta, but the tomato sauce has been replaced with salsa, the mozzarella with Jack and cheddar cheese, the ground beef with shredded chicken, and there’s some chili powder lurking in there.  And while I admit that even I thought I was skating on some thin lasagna ice…it works!

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Cheese Ball Pops

Here’s what happens when you are married to a food blogger.  You come home from work with the perfectly reasonable expectation of having a normal dinner.  But lo, your food blogger spouse has had a brainstorm during the day that if there were cake pops out there in the world, why couldn’t there be cheese pops?  As in, soft little balls of blue cheese and cream cheese and chopped chives and black pepper, rolled in chopped walnuts with a pretzel stick for easy holding.  And so instead of your nice normal dinner, guess what you eat that night? Yup.  Cheese Ball Pops.
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Banana Jam!

There they are again.   Those brown speckled bananas that you were SURE were going to be long gone by now, but no…here they are.  But before you reach once again for that trusty banana bread recipe, walk on the wild side with me.  Break out the brown sugar and the cinnamon and let’s make some easy, no scary canning involved, spicy, creamy banana jam.  Yep, banana jam.

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