Zabaglione!  Otherwise known as Sabayon, otherwise known as a whipped, pourable custard made with eggs and sugar and a little Marsala wine, otherwise known as the closest thing to heaven you can have for dessert.  It is one of those desserts that you can make in the 15 minutes after supper while folks are chatting around the dinner table, and I promise that when they take that first delectable spoonful they are going to forget just for a minute that chocolate desserts ever existed in the world.  It’s that good.
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Pasta with Summer Sauce

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Sweet local tomatoes and fields and fields of basil, just waiting for us to toss them into every summer supper we can think of, and I am doing just that.  From caprese pastry to tomato basil hummus, I am Doing My Part.  But out of all the many recipes I have for tomatoes and basil, my favorite one is that I just think of as summer sauce.  Tomatoes, basil, garlic, butter, a teeny bit of cream and a little salt and pepper.  Toss it with some pasta and it doesn’t get any more summertime delicious.
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Caprese Pastry

Caprese is one of my favorite words in the whole wide world, because it means tomatoes and mozzarella and basil.  Sometimes it is a salad.  Sometimes it is a pizza.  Sometimes it is both, which is the best of both worlds and which I like to call Caprese Pastry, because it calls for that magical thing that is frozen puff pastry.  So when the tomatoes are local and the basil is fresh and when you can find yourself a hunk of the best mozzarella you can, break out the puff pastry and get ready for the deliciousness that is Caprese Pastry.
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Cheesesteak Sliders

So, once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, the Southern husband lived in Philadelphia.  This was before we were married, so I don’t know this for sure, but I’m pretty certain he made more than one trip to both Pat’s and Geno’s, the famous cheesesteak joints near the Italian market in Philly.  He is therefore an EXTREMELY discriminating cheesesteak critic since he started with the best of the best, so when I decided to try my hand at cheesesteaks I didn’t dare try the original large version.  Nope, I stacked the deck in my favor by making adorable little cheesesteak sliders.  Because who couldn’t love an adorable, melty cheesy cheesesteak slider?  Yup, I can be sneaky when I need to be.
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Tomato Basil Hummus

I do love me some hummus.  People are always asking me what my favorite recipe on this blog is, and after I get finished telling them about my 10 minute recipe for fresh ricotta, the next thing I talk about is my 5 minute recipe for hummus.  (Are you sensing a trend here?)  Anyway, this particular version of hummus is also one you can whirl up easily in your food processor, but instead of the tahini that gives classic hummus its great taste, this one subs in roasted tomatoes and a big heaping handful of basil.  It’s hummus, summertime-style!

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Lime Chimichurri Chicken

Chimichurri anything is a favorite in our house.  Partly because it is fun to say, and partly because it is so dang delicious.  Spicy and tangy and scrumptious, chimichurri adds a little zip to whatever you make with it.  I’ve chimichurried everything from burgers to steak to potato salad, so I’m not sure what took me so long to introduce chimichurri to chicken, but better late than never!
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