Easy Cheese and Corn Salsa

Before I get into the whys and wherefores of this ridiculously easy and delicious cheese and corn salsa, I wanted to explain myself.  I meant to mention this before I left, but I missed posting over the last week or so because the Southern husband and I were helping our newly minted college graduate daughter move to her new apartment.  More on that below, but as any of you who have ever packed and unpacked a moving box know, moving is EXHAUSTING.  Which means that sometimes you might only have the strength to have chips and salsa for dinner.  And if you are going to have chips and salsa for dinner, you might as well go all out and have this ready-in-5-minutes cheese and corn version!

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Feta Artichoke Pizza

This recipe for feta artichoke pizza came about once again from my “no ingredient left behind” rule, which stipulates that if I buy something for a recipe and don’t use all of it up, I need to figure out another recipe that uses up the rest of whatever it was.  In this case, I had a lovely hunk of feta cheese in the fridge, and a bowl of cheery, sweet cherry tomatoes on my counter.  And so my mind goes where it frequently does in “no ingredient left behind” situations, and that is directly towards pizza.  Visions of pizza topped with feta cheese and pan-roasted cherry tomatoes began dancing in my head, and in the vision it was topped with marinated artichoke hearts and fresh chopped thyme and drizzled with olive oil. THE VISION HAD TO HAPPEN.

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Layered Taco Salad

This layered taco salad came out of my endless enthusiasm for making pretty much anything for dinner that has the word “taco” in it.  Good old regular tacos are one of the best things ever invented, so it stands to reason that anything that riffs off of tacos has a good chance of being a hit at the supper table.  Tacos, you never let me down.  And so now that it is getting to be the time of year when salads are the order of the day, I wanted to add yet another taco salad to my repertoire of taco deliciousness.  This time in a layered version, full of spicy meat, sweet cornbread, shredded cheese and lots of cool and crunchy veggies.  Here goes!

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Edamame Pesto

It seems like only yesterday that edamame was an exotic treat that I could only find in Japanese restaurants, and now my local A&P is carrying it in giant bags in the freezer section.  Which is a wonderful thing, because instead of only being able to nosh on it when we go out for sushi, now I can make things like edamame pesto, which is a creamy, dreamy, slightly gentler version of the basil pesto we all know and love.  And just as easy to whirl up in 60 seconds or less in your food processor.  If you haven’t yet discovered the deliciousness that is edamame, come along with me…and if you have, still come along because I am going to show you how to make it into pesto!

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Lobster Avocado Soup and Sing For Hope!

I am ridiculously excited about everything I am about to tell you, and not just because it involves a recipe for creamy, dreamy Lobster Avocado soup!  As delectable as this recipe is (and it IS!), even more delectable is everything I am going to tell you and show you about an amazing project going on right this very minute called Sing for Hope.  (And I promise that somewhere in all of this I will make an actual connection between lobster avocado soup and Sing For Hope, but you know me…it’s a process).  In the meantime, get ready for an inspirational true story about 50 old pianos, how they got a new lease on life and are in the process of bringing hope and joy to a whole bunch of people.  Here goes!

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Chopped Antipasto Salad

I have an enormous crush on antipasto.  Or what I consider antipasto, which (with apologies to all my Italian friends out there) means a giant platter of cheese and smoked meats and veggies that you are encouraged to snack on to your hearts content.  However, as I understand it, traditional antipasto usually includes a few things that I don’t like.  Olives.  Roasted red peppers.  PICKLED MUSHROOMS.  So I decided to go rogue and build an antipasto full of only things I like, and since I am breaking all kinds of antipasto rules anyway, to turn it into a salad.  Because, why not?

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