Lobster Avocado Soup and Sing For Hope!

lobster avocado soup

I am ridiculously excited about everything I am about to tell you, and not just because it involves a recipe for creamy, dreamy Lobster Avocado soup!  As delectable as this recipe is (and it IS!), even more delectable is everything I am going to tell you and show you about an amazing project going on right this very minute called Sing for Hope.  (And I promise that somewhere in all of this I will make an actual connection between lobster avocado soup and Sing For Hope, but you know me...it's a process).  In the meantime, get ready for an inspirational true story about 50 old pianos, how they got a new lease on life and are in the process of bringing hope and joy to a whole bunch of people.  Here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Baked in Milk

chicken baked in milk

THIS CHICKEN CHANGES EVERYTHING.  I think I ran around my kitchen saying that over and over again after I snuck the first bite (okay, the first 5 or 6 bites) as I was serving it up.  This comes from Jamie Oliver's recipe, and I had heard about it so many times that I finally had to see what all the rhapsodizing was about.  Cooking a chicken in milk is a little offbeat, but the Southern husband and I love cooking pork chops in milk - we've done it for years - and so I thought what the heck.  I got myself a chicken and some milk...but little did I know that this was going to be one those days that a recipe rocked my world.  I  love it when that happens. Read More & Get the Recipe

Whipped Feta Dip

feta cheese dip

Here we go everyone...shifting into high holiday gear!  It's a shoppingwrappingdecorating blur, and if you are the chef, or even part of the kitchen crew, it's time to finally finalize that festive holiday dinner menu!  Mine is pretty much locked down, but I have to say that the hardest part of the whole thing for me is always figuring out the appetizers.  You want something that is going to be just the right amount of scrumptious, but also just the right amount so that they won't get all filled up before you roll out the main course.  And easy.  You are about to spend enough time in the kitchen on everything else that you don't want your nibbles to take more than a few minutes to whip up.  So let's whip up some whipped feta cheese dip! Read More & Get the Recipe

Overnight Oatmeal!

Overnight Oatmeal

Let me just start by saying I Love Oatmeal.  Sweet oatmeal, savory oatmeal, oatmeal for breakfast, oatmeal for lunch.  Don't even get me started on oatmeal cookies. I could be president of the Oatmeal Appreciation Society.  I am that devoted to you, oatmeal.  But up until recently with the exception of the oatmeal cookies, I had only had my many variations of oatmeal hot.  But then I got swept up into this wave of making oatmeal without cooking it, but rather by letting it sit in a bath of milk and other good things in your fridge overnight until it was soft and sweet.  Could it work?  Read on, oatmeal lovers. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pork Chops in Milk Gravy

pork chops in milk gravy

Can we discuss desert island meals for a minute?  If I was stranded on a desert island with a limited menu, here's what I would have: bacon, pasta with brie and tomatoes, and chocolate chip cookies.  The Southern husband would have scallops, shrimp and grits, and this very specific pork chops in milk gravy recipe.  He lights up like a Christmas tree whenever he sees pork chops and milk coming out of the fridge simultaneously, and given that this is a super simple, super delicious combo of tender pork in a creamy milk sauce, who could blame the guy? Read More & Get the Recipe

Easy Homemade Cottage Cheese!


I guess it was inevitable.  First I figured out that it was ridiculously easy to make your own homemade ricotta cheese that tasted a million times better than the store version.  Then I figured out that it was ridiculously easy to make your own butter that tasted a million times better than the store version.  So it was only a matter of time before I worked my way to cottage cheese...and guess what?  Yup. Read More & Get the Recipe