Bacon Guacamole

I don’t know what took me so long, to tell you the truth.  I love guacamole – in fact, I love just about anything involving creamy, dreamy avocados.  And I think I have established beyond a shadow of a doubt that my love for bacon knows no bounds.  So really, it’s kind of shameful that it took me until now to put these two together into one bowlful of creamy, salty, spicy deliciousness.  Otherwise known as…bacon guacamole!
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One Pot Tomato Basil Pasta

Every so often a recipe starts floating around that everyone, and I mean everyone is making.  Lately it seems to be this one pot tomato basil pasta, which involves putting pasta, tomatoes and basil in a pot with water and cooking it all up together.  No muss, no fuss, all deliciousness.  And since I never want to be left out of anything that includes any of those ingredients, I decided to dive in and do a Framed Cooks variation on this perfect perfect busy weeknight recipe.
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Framed Cooks Gets A Makeover!

I know, it’s looking a little different around these parts, and I have some explaining to do!  I’m going to give you a little tour, but first I need you to take a trip back in time with me.  Back to a galaxy far, far away.  Back to the start of my little blog.  Trust me, it will help with the explaining. Here we go… Continue Reading …

Peach Slab Pie

A while back I made an apple slab pie that is so scrumptious and so much easier and more reliable than regular apple pie that I will probably only make apple slab pie for the rest of my life.  That was back in apple season, and right now we are just in the delicious beginning days of peach season.  If there is one thing I love even more dearly than homemade apple pie, it’s sweet, melt-in–your-mouth peach pie made with local peaches.  And so I got to thinking…what’s good for the apples might be good for the peaches, which is how this peach slab pie came to be!
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Ricotta Tomato Toasts

My cooking in the summertime is all about two things.  First, use as much of the delicious local produce as humanly possible before it is suddenly February and those tomatoes and peaches and fresh herbs are just a wistful memory.  And secondly, get in and out of the kitchen as fast as you can, because it’s hot, and it’s summer, and you belong outside on the patio under the umbrella with a wine spritzer.  And some ricotta tomato toasts!
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Salisbury Steak!

So, for the longest time the words “Salisbury” and “Steak” conjured up images for me of those TV dinners that used to come in foil trays.  You know, the ones that had different sections for the mashed potatoes, the peas and carrots, and the Salisbury Steak?  And so it has taken me years to shake my skepticism regarding Salisbury Steak, which is totally unfair to the non-TV-dinner form of Salisbury Steak, because as it turns out, when you make it yourself it is a warm and wonderful plate of hearty deliciousness.
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