Bake and Scoop Chicken Fajitas

I love getting fajitas in a restaurant.  As a matter of fact, I like when ANYONE gets fajitas in a restaurant.  The smoky, sizzling drama of it all – “Be careful!!” Very Hot Plate!!” – in combination with the spicy deliciousness of it all is just plain delicious in every way.  However, the thought of recreating the smoky sizzling part at home seems like a direct invitation to my over-zealous smoke alarm to do its thing, and so I came up with a little less dramatic, still just as delicious version of fajitas…a version that bakes up in the oven and lets you scoop it right out of the baking dish into your tortilla.  Bake and scoop fajitas!
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Seafood in Parchment Packages

The Southern husband and I have been trying to work more seafood into our suppers lately.  We are fabulous beyond fabulous when it comes to shrimp recipes, and not too shabby on the scallop and lobster front too.  But there’s something about regular old fish that always seemed to stump me…until now.  I now realize that the key to making fool-proof, creative, scrumptious fish was in my kitchen the whole time.  Yup, that roll of parchment paper in my drawer has changed my life, seafood-wise.
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Perfect Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Ah, pot roast.  It can be a wonderful tender dish of hearty and comforting deliciousness, or it can be…dry.  And chewy.  And I am here to tell you that I have been there at the dry and chewy end of cooking a pot roast for hours, a pot roast that smelled like all kinds of heaven, only to have it taste like all kinds of not-heaven.  So in an effort not have this happen ever again to anyone in the universe, I need to tell you about my perfect-every-time in the slow cooker pot roast.  Perfect. Every Time.
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Cheesy Ramen with Poached Egg

We all secretly love ramen.  Some of us (raises hand!) love it not so secretly, partly because it brings back warm and fuzzy memories of subsisting on it during those heady post-college days when we were young and crazy and ramen was all we could afford, and partly because it tastes so dang good.  SO dang good that it’s hard to believe that anything could make its naughty taste better.  But you know what can?  Melted cheese, a little butter and a poached egg.  THAT’S what can. 
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Taco Pasta Bowl

I am a true blue taco lover.  I think I have firmly established my devotion to fish tacos with the grilled fish taco and fried fish taco recipes that I’ve posted over the past couple of weeks.  But don’t think I’m not equally besotted by tradition beef tacos as well – I am head over heels for them as well.  The only, and I mean only, thing that bugs me in the slightest about tacos are the crunchy taco shells that shatter into a billion pieces when you bite into them, sending precious taco filling back on to your plate and/or down your arm.  And while soft flour or corn tortillas are one answer to this issue, there’s another solution.  Pasta!
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Ravioli Lasagna!

I love lasagna, but let’s all admit that sometimes we just don’t have the energy.  The noodles, the layering, getting the right proportion of ricotta to mozzarella so that it is neither too dry nor too soupy…it’s exhausting, I tell you! But I do love it.  And then one day when we were having some fabulous ravioli for dinner (more on that later!) it occurred to me.  Pasta.  Ricotta. Sauce.  All that I needed was the mozzarella and a square pan, and I could be on my way to lasagna heaven via a ridiculously easy short cut.  And that short cut is named Ravioli Lasagna!
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