Skillet Cheeseburger Pasta

I am forever trying to fix up cheeseburgers with pasta.  They are perfectly made for each other, and I think they should just go ahead and move in together already.  I hate to break the news to the cheeseburger roll, but three is a crowd…this is all about the cheeseburger and the pasta.  So I am taking it upon myself to go one step further than my already beloved cheeseburger macaroni and cheese recipe and serve up this cheeseburger-ized pasta that you can cook up all in one skillet.  Yup, cheeseburger pasta and only one pot to wash.   I KNOW!
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Bacon and Egg Baked Potatoes

There are so many things to love about bacon and egg baked potatoes.  Obviously the creamy egg that cooks in the potato.  Obviously the BACON.  But not so obviously, the fabulous fact that you scoop out the potato insides, mash them up with some butter and milk and salt and pepper and smush just enough of them back into the potato to make a nice little bed for your egg to cook in.  And that means that each bite is full of egg and bacon and mashed potato.  Boom.
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Cashew Chicken with Spinach

The Southern husband and I are trying to stay on the healthy and delicious road we were on last summer when the Southern daughter was around, eating good and good for you chicken and fish and eggs with lots of delectable veggies, and only a little detouring here and there for bowls of ramen noodles in cheese broth (don’t tell her!).  And high on my list was figuring out a stir-fry recipe that didn’t call out for being poured over a nice big mound of rice.  With this conglomeration of chicken and cashews in a scrumptious sauce poured over baby spinach, I am here to tell you that we didn’t miss the rice One Little Bit.

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Toasty Cheddar and Vegetable Oven Frittata


Oh, this frittata!  It is your eggs and your toast mixed up with some fresh veggies and just the right amount of cheese, all in one glorious conglomeration right on your plate.  It’s perfect for Sunday brunch, perfect for a weekday supper, and perfect for using up the bits and pieces of veggies and cheese and whatever else you have in your fridge, because it can be varied to your heart’s content.  My heart was very happy with these toasted chunks of ciabatta breed, sweet cherry tomatoes, chopped asparagus and Vermont cheddar all nestled in tender egg.
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Bake and Scoop Chicken Fajitas

I love getting fajitas in a restaurant.  As a matter of fact, I like when ANYONE gets fajitas in a restaurant.  The smoky, sizzling drama of it all – “Be careful!!” Very Hot Plate!!” – in combination with the spicy deliciousness of it all is just plain delicious in every way.  However, the thought of recreating the smoky sizzling part at home seems like a direct invitation to my over-zealous smoke alarm to do its thing, and so I came up with a little less dramatic, still just as delicious version of fajitas…a version that bakes up in the oven and lets you scoop it right out of the baking dish into your tortilla.  Bake and scoop fajitas!
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Seafood in Parchment Packages

The Southern husband and I have been trying to work more seafood into our suppers lately.  We are fabulous beyond fabulous when it comes to shrimp recipes, and not too shabby on the scallop and lobster front too.  But there’s something about regular old fish that always seemed to stump me…until now.  I now realize that the key to making fool-proof, creative, scrumptious fish was in my kitchen the whole time.  Yup, that roll of parchment paper in my drawer has changed my life, seafood-wise.
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