Summer Chicken Pasta

I’m determined to keep making things that have “summer” in the title even after fall officially starts.  I saw not one but two farm stands selling pumpkins on our recent Vermont vacation, and that has kicked me into overdrive with the summer recipes, and this one is one of my faves, full of summer squash and local tomatoes and cheery basil.  You can either cook up the chicken for the recipe or use leftover chicken, and it all gets mixed into pasta with a sweet cream sauce.  Let’s go cook up some summer!
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Chilled Clam Chowder

I do love clam chowder, and for the longest time I only made it in the wintertime because of the steamy warm wonderfulness of it.  So comforting and delicious, but not when it is 85 degrees out.  And then a lightbulb went off in my head and I remember that there was such a thing as cold soup.  And that cold soup was also wonderful….and could be eaten when it is 85 degrees out.  And so I started thinking cold soup…clam chowder…could it happen?
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Shrimp Salsa!

This time of year I am ALL about using all the fresh local veggies I can get my mitts on.  No ear of corn or local tomato or fresh sweet-smelling herb is safe around me, because once September starts it is use-it-or-lose-it time, fresh local veggie-wise.  And one of the things I like making most of all is fresh salsa of all varieties.  This particular version includes some roughly chopped shrimp, which not only gives it a nice twist, but in my book makes it totally acceptable to serve for supper.  Who’s with me?
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The Best Turkey Burgers!

The Southern daughter is back at college now (sniffle, sob, deep breath) but while she was home she propelled us all into a pattern of Healthier Eating.  As in, the pasta and chocolate got pushed to the back of the pantry, and we all shared the wonder of snacking on freshly steamed local broccoli with sea salt, ate lots of Skinny Pop, and discovered that turkey burgers were actually as scrumptious as their traditional beef cousins.  Especially when they are topping with nitrate-free bacon and (sorry, I’m still not perfect) American cheese sinking into all the nooks and crannies.  Here’s how it goes.
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Slow Cooker Beer Chicken Sliders

I have always been completely tempted and so far not brave enough to make beer can chicken.  You know, the kind where you place a partially full can of beer inside a chicken’s, um, cavity, and then roast the whole thing on the grill?  I hear tell that it makes a lovely, tender, aromatic chicken, but I can’t seem to escape the thought of the chicken exploding out of my grill and into the neighbor’s yard, propelled by the vapors of a can of Bud Lite, ruining my reputation as a food blogger for all eternity.  But since the whole idea of chicken and beer has me mesmerized, I took the coward’s way out and came up with a way that involves chicken, beer, a few onions, bbq sauce, a slow cooker and not much else.  And dang if it wasn’t delectable!
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BLT Chopped Salad

The Southern husband and I are inordinately fond of both wedge salads and BLTs.  They are both scrumptiously delicious in their own endearing ways, and I’ve waxed poetic about both of them on this very site.  But they both share one teeny tiny flaw, which is that they are a little unwieldy to eat.  They require knives and slicing and dripping and napkins, none of which has ever stopped us even for a second, but still, I took it as a challenge.  And so…I put the two of them together and CHOPPED them.  As in, BLT chopped salad!
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