Roasted Salmon with Mango Salsa

salmon with mango salsa

Before I get started on this recipe for roasted salmon with mango salsa, I need to say this: I don't know about you, but in the heat of summer I like to get myself in and out of the kitchen as soon as possible...but I still stubbornly want a hot dinner.  Oh sure, I can go for a nice cool soup or salad now and again, but most of the food = dinner.  So I am constantly on the prowl for things that I can make in August while still looking like a virtual blur in terms of in the kitchen and then rapidly out of the kitchen.  Things that are warm and wonderful, but that still taste like summertime.  Things like this tender flaky roasted salmon topped with a cool and slightly spicy mango salsa, all nestled in a bed of warm baby spinach.  Good and good for you and fast in and out of the kitchen and ahhhh... Read More & Get the Recipe

Spicy Fried Noodles

spicy fried noodles

Here's the ironic thing about this recipe for spicy fried noodles: I am the least spicy person I know.   I am the one who buys the mild salsa at the supermarket.  I am the one who is slightly afraid of the bottle of Sriracha sauce in my fridge.  I am the one who buys one lonely jalapeño for a recipe, and then uses about 1/8 of it.  So why on earth I was motivated to make spicy fried noodles, and why on earth I ate every last speck on my plate is anyone's guess...but I did and I did, and I'm going to make them AGAIN.  Which just goes to show you that anything can happen! Read More & Get the Recipe

The Best Steak and Eggs!

steak and eggs

Steak and eggs is one of those things that never tempts me on a menu.  It's mainly found on breakfast menus, and at that time of the morning I am more of a french toast girl, or a pancake girl, or at most a eggs and corned beef hash girl.  But we were recently at one of our favorite restaurants, and they had it as a appetizer on the dinner menu.  I still wasn't tempted.  But the Southern husband didn't even think twice - he pounced.  And when it came, it changed my entire way of thinking about steak and eggs.  It doesn't have to be a giant piece of steak topped with two fried eggs (although if that's the way you like your steak and eggs, go for it!).  Nope, it can be a small tender piece of beef topped with one perfect poached egg, with a little green thrown in there.  Whole steak and egg vistas have opened for me! Read More & Get the Recipe

Spinach and Cheese Tartines

spinach and cheese tartine

My friend Janet and I try to have lunch together once a week, and for a while our weekly lunch was all about the tartine.  We would go across the street to Pain Quotidian where they have a lovely selection of tartines (and so far my spell-check has tried to change "tartine" to both "tartan" and "tartness," which makes me realize that the world needs more tartines in it).  They are basically open-faced sandwiches, and technically they are supposed to have some kind of fancy spread on them.  The ones we had were usually cold, but since we are still in the midst of The Long Winter, when I decided to make my own I went for warmth, in the form of cooked baby spinach laced with gruyere cheese and prosciutto. Read More & Get the Recipe

Cashew Chicken with Spinach

cashew chicken with spinach

The Southern husband and I are trying to stay on the healthy and delicious road we were on last summer when the Southern daughter was around, eating good and good for you chicken and fish and eggs with lots of delectable veggies, and only a little detouring here and there for bowls of ramen noodles in cheese broth (don't tell her!).  And high on my list was figuring out a stir-fry recipe that didn't call out for being poured over a nice big mound of rice.  With this conglomeration of chicken and cashews in a scrumptious sauce poured over baby spinach, I am here to tell you that we didn't miss the rice One Little Bit. Read More & Get the Recipe

Everything Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs with spinach and smoked salmon

Okay, here is the post where you get to hear about my summer vacation.  You knew it was coming, and there is no escape.  Okay, there IS an escape, but before you hit that escape key, I promise there is a delectable recipe for what I call Everything Scrambled Eggs at the end of this.  If you can bear it.  And if you find yourself anywhere in south central Vermont in the future, there are also a few recommendations below.  Come on with me to Vermont for a minute or two, and then we'll have eggs! Read More & Get the Recipe