Lobster Avocado Soup and Sing For Hope!

lobster avocado soup

I am ridiculously excited about everything I am about to tell you, and not just because it involves a recipe for creamy, dreamy Lobster Avocado soup!  As delectable as this recipe is (and it IS!), even more delectable is everything I am going to tell you and show you about an amazing project going on right this very minute called Sing for Hope.  (And I promise that somewhere in all of this I will make an actual connection between lobster avocado soup and Sing For Hope, but you know me...it's a process).  In the meantime, get ready for an inspirational true story about 50 old pianos, how they got a new lease on life and are in the process of bringing hope and joy to a whole bunch of people.  Here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster Potato Salad

lobster potato salad

Hello, lobster potato salad season!  We've flipped the thermostat over from Heat to Cool, and there have officially been several days that have warmed their way into the 80's, and in our house that means dinner salads are going to show up regularly on the menu.  And since potato salad and lobster in absolutely any form are two of my favorite things, I am officially declaring dinner salad season open with a combo of the two.  This version of lobster potato salad also features cheery crunchy celery, a handful of chives and a super easy sour cream mustard white wine dressing.  Because when you declare dinner salad season open, you want to do it in STYLE. Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

lobster and brie grilled cheese sandwiches

There's nothing that warms my hungry little heart quite like a good old grilled cheese sandwich.  I do love the classic, made with buttered bread and American cheese, but I also like to push those grilled cheese boundaries, which has taken me everywhere from macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches to grilled cheese croutons.  But this open-faced lobster sandwich covered in melty Brie cheese?  I make have finally found the pinnacle of grilled cheese sandwich heaven. Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster Sliders

lobster slider

It's finally, finally summer!  And while lobster tastes good all year long, I personally think it tastes extra good when you are eating it outside in balmy summer weather.  With a chilled glass of white wine.  As part of a buttery, creamy lobster slider on warm toasted rolls.  Yup, there's just something about lobster and summer and sliders and wine that makes everything seem right with the world.  Let's go make some! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster Frittata


I love lobster.  That actually doesn't even really to justice to my feelings for lobster...I love, adore and am generally crazy about lobster, and could happily eat it every single day.  If it wasn't for the fact that it comes in those tricky, hard to break into shells, and the fact that it's a little, shall we say pricy for daily eating?  But life is too short and lobster is too good to save for just special occasions...every once in a while you need to throw caution to the wind and have lobster on an everyday Tuesday, and for those days, I love this frittata recipe. Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster Caesar Salad


Here in beautiful northern New Jersey we are currently smack dab in the middle of a hazy, hot, humid, 90 degrees for days and days and days in a row heat wave.  The kind of heat wave you remember fondly in February, the kind of heat wave that makes it impossible to to even THINK of turning on your oven or anything else that might possible raise the temperature in your kitchen even one measly degree.  The kind of heat wave that means salad for dinner.  Every night.  And so if you are going to have salad for dinner, you might as well throw caution to the wind and have Salad For Dinner.  I'm talking cool, extravagant, you-only-go-around-once Lobster Caesar Salad for dinner. Read More & Get the Recipe