Watermelon and Cheese Bites

[donotprint]Once a year, we gather with some of our very best friends at their beautiful lake house. We go to the state fair, we play badminton, we watch movies, we sit around the campfire and we lounge around and talk and laugh and sing and dance.

And we eat. Oh, do we eat. A couple of weeks beforehand, we plan out the weekend menu, which is a conglomeration of traditional items that we have every year without fail (grilled pizza!) along with some new recipes that we are trying out. That’s one of the great things about hanging out with old friends – you can test out brand-new things with nothing to fear…they are always up for adventure.

That is where these scrumptious little nibbles come from. You skewer mozzarella, watermelon chunks, a little bit of prosciutto and a mint leaf (do not even THINK about skipping the mint leaf. It is the part that makes this baby just perfect.) Drizzle the cheese with a little balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil, and that’s it! Until you start debating the order of ingredients on the toothpick.

And then have to go outside and photograph the dang thing all over again. Just remember, as long as the mint leaf still ends up on the top, you’re golden![/donotprint]

Watermelon and Cheese Bites
  • Cubed watermelon
  • Mozzarella - either the small round variety, or regular fresh mozzarella cut into cubes
  • Very thin sliced prosciutto
  • Small fresh mint leaves
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Toothpicks
  1. 1. Mix equal parts oil and vinegar - about ⅛ cup of each to start and increase depending on how many you are making. Mix cheese and vinegar mixture until cheese is lightly coated.
  2. 2. Assemble watermelon, cheese, small folded pieces of prosciutto and mint leaves on a toothpick, starting with the watermelon and cheese on the bottom, topped by the prosciutto and finally the mint leaf. Serve at once.

Recipe adapted from one of my favorite blogs, Cook Eat Love



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  1. Mmm I never have a good reason to serve appetizers and it's so sad because I love having lots of little bites of things! Although I think I would have to have MANY bites of these watermelon cheese bites! They look scrumptious.

  2. My first thought was…"That mint leaf will have to go!"…Good thing you insisted on that! ^_^

  3. Susan Erickson says:

    Sounds fabulous…wonderful new idea …love to try new flavors together and I love mint….

  4. Susan Erickson says:

    Sounds fabulous…wonderful new idea …love to try new flavors together and I love mint….

  5. What an interesting flavor combination!

  6. Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! says:

    Gorgeous! I will add this to the files!

  7. Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! says:

    Gorgeous! I will add this to the files!

  8. OrangeFarmhouse says:

    odd combination, but I'm going to make it next summer, if I still remember it then…. hope I do!

  9. Where did you get the adorable heart toothpicks?

  10. Ditto, Kris – I MUST have those toothpicks! (Though I thought they were tulips…)

  11. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    This looks great! I love watermelon and cheese…sadly I only discovered that this summer. I could have been enjoying it for years had I only tried it sooner…haha :)

  12. Kate Morgan Jackson says:

    Aren't those toothpicks the BEST? You can find them here: http://www.pickonus.com/tulippicks-colored-312.aspx


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