Pork, Bacon and Bread Kabobs

pork kabobs

Pork tenderloin and I have always had a bit of a love-hate relationship.  I love to eat it, but usually when someone else is cooking it because I have a great talent for making it dry.  As a result, the Southern husband looks longingly at it in the supermarket while I roll the cart right on by, heading for the good old dependable chicken.  Until now.  Until I realized that I could skewer it up with some bacon and some cubes of country bread and some fresh sage (side note: is there anything that smells better than fresh sage?) and grill it until everything was juicy and tender.  Tender!  Who knew that tenderness was just a skewer away? Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Ricotta and Chive Sandwiches


I know, it's TECHNICALLY fall now, but that doesn't mean I am putting the lid on the grill for the winter.  Nope, I'm taking the opposite tack by using the grill for every possible meal until the snow flies...I'm talking grilled buttermilk chicken.  I'm talking grilled bacon and rosemary pizza.  And yes, I am talking creamy, dreamy grilled ricotta cheese and fresh chive sandwiches on country bread, grilled until the outside is crispy, the inside is warm, and you have now started thinking about the words "grilled" and "cheese" in a whole new way. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chimichurri Burgers!


These late summer days are always a little bittersweet, aren't they?  Scattered in between the still hazy hot and humids are the crisp mornings and all of the sudden it's dark at 7:30 again.  My barrels of herbs are starting to look a little elderly, and I shift into use-it-or-lose-it mode as I try and fit in as much fresh fruits~veggies~herbs as I possibly can before pumpkin season starts.  And these chimichurri burgers let me do all that one in supper - juicy grilled burgers topped not with ketchup, but with a tangy, spicy, fresh topping made of garlic, pepper, olive oil and lots and lots of that fresh parsley I love so much.  Chimichurri burgers! Read More & Get the Recipe

Surf and Turf Burgers!


I can't tell you how many times the Southern husband and I have gone out to a lovely restaurant for a fun-filled evening and I have spent the first 15 minutes or so agonizing over what to have.  It's not that the menu doesn't have something that catches my fancy - it's that it has too many things that catch my fancy.  And that's what makes these surf and turf burgers so near and dear to my heart...they let me have my cake and eat it too.  Or should I say...they let me have my burger and a little succulent shrimp, too? Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Feta Cheese with Thyme


Okay, let's talk about Mondays.  Mondays used to be a regular "come home from work and cook dinner" night in my house, and don't get me wrong, I love to cook dinner. Except...maybe...on Mondays.  So a while ago we instituted "Monday Wine and Cheese Night," which means we have a different cheese and a different wine every Monday night.  And since we are still in the midst of grilling season, one recent Monday we decided to grill our Monday cheese....and so I bring you the wonder that is grilled feta cheese with fresh thyme. Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Shrimp Rolls


Grilled shrimp rolls are one of my very favorite things to make in the summertime. Quick, easy, scrumptious, and there's just something about them that just plain tastes like all the best things about summer.  And now that it's the middle of August and it's dawning on me that I actually have to let the teenager go back to college in a few days (sniffle!), I'm taking a quick trip down this summer's memory lane. Read More & Get the Recipe