Tuna Pasta Salad

tuna pasta salad

The lazy hazy days are finally here, and I am beside myself with happiness at all the fresh local veggies that are popping up at my local farm market.  I'm tossing them into every single thing I can think of, including and most especially supper, and one of my favorites is this quick and easy tuna pasta salad, which has loads of one of my personal favorites, sweet and sunny cherry tomatoes.  A handful of those babies, some fresh lemon, a little pasta and the best jarred or canned tuna you can get your mitts on, and you are all set for a light and lovely summer supper! Read More & Get the Recipe

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pizza

smoked salmon and cream cheese pizza

So many many things to say about this little recipe.  Starting with the fact that it is basically a loaded bagel with cream cheese, but in pizza form.  And since my love for a bagel slathered with cream cheese and smoked salmon and other goodies runs neck and neck with my love for pizza in pretty much any form, this concoction pretty much leaves me weak in the knees.  Second, it is SO easy to make that it almost doesn't seem fair.  And third, it gives me a chance to show off my adorable cutting board from Vermont Creamery.  But more on them later...let's make pizza! Read More & Get the Recipe

Seafood in Parchment Packages

fish in parchment

The Southern husband and I have been trying to work more seafood into our suppers lately.  We are fabulous beyond fabulous when it comes to shrimp recipes, and not too shabby on the scallop and lobster front too.  But there's something about regular old fish that always seemed to stump me...until now.  I now realize that the key to making fool-proof, creative, scrumptious fish was in my kitchen the whole time.  Yup, that roll of parchment paper in my drawer has changed my life, seafood-wise. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken with Capers and Roasted Lemon

chicken with capers and roasted lemon

If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you know that just about everything I have learned about cooking good food I learned from my mama.  Her legendary scones and delectable marinated mozzarella are just two of the recipes I've shared here over the years, but she also has an uncanny knack for taking something as ordinary as chicken and a few lemons and turning it into a melt in your mouth plate of tender, tangy wonderfulness that has me (once again) asking for the recipe. Read More & Get the Recipe

Tuna Pasta with Tomatoes, Capers and Olive Oil Bread Crumbs


There are days that dinner stumps me.  Even with my towering pile of notes and recipes for things I want to make one day, even on days when I have something all planned out but then I realize I've forgotten that one crucial ingredient...there are just Those Days.  And that's why I always have a good supply of tuna fish in my pantry, because even on Those Days, tuna never, ever lets you down.  And while I am perfectly cool with serving the Southern husband a perfectly nice tuna salad for dinner, a few weeks ago I whipped up this ridiculously easy tuna pasta with tomatoes and capers and crispy bread crumbs, and once again I remembered the happiness of tuna in the pantry. Read More & Get the Recipe

Beef Tartare Burgers


I think steak tartare might be one of the most dramatic, controversial recipes ever.  Whenever it comes up in conversation (What?  You don't find yourself chatting about steak tartare on a regular basis?  Maybe it's just me.) I find that folks fall into two camps.  The "I love and adore it" camp, and the "Are you crazy?  You want me to eat raw meat???" camp.  I'm in the love camp, along with the Southern husband and the dog.  But I understand the viewpoint of the other side, and on the other hand I don't want them to miss out on the wonderful flavors - the shallot, the Worcestershire, the garlic, the egg, all blending with the chopped steak.  So finally here is a tartare that can bring us all together...beef tartare burgers! Read More & Get the Recipe