Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Okay, so this is the time of year I start to get panicky about my herbs. I have these great whiskey barrels right outside my kitchen door, and every Mother’s Day weekend I plant them full of basil and rosemary and parsley and thyme and sage and tarragon. They are fabulous in June, and wonderful in May. Around mid-August, though, they start getting ornery. Some of them are struggling in the heat, and some of them are getting tall and woody and tough-looking. It’s a sure sign that the summer is slowly working its way towards fall, and I go into herb-panic, trying to use ’em or lose’em before that first frost hits.

I know, it’s 98 degrees outside and I am worrying about frost, but that’s just the kind of calm, laid-back person I am.

Anyway, this recipe is a great way to match up steak cooked on the grill (yumyumyum) with some of those fresh herbs made into a quick and easy sauce that also has a fun name.   Chimichurri sauce – say THAT three times fast.   Chimichurri is a snap to make – you drop a handful of parsley into your trusty food processor or blender, add some garlic, some red wine vinegar, garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes and salt.  Push the button and thirty seconds later you have a fresh and delicious sauce with just a little bite to it.  Even the Southern husband, who is a card-carrying member of the Steak Is Perfectly Fine Without Any Annoying Sauce On It Club loved this.  So much so that when I was putting the leftover steak away, he made sure that I put the leftover sauce on top of it.  That’s when I knew for dang sure I had a hit on my hands.

So, go! Use those herbs before the snow flies!

Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
  • One flank steak
  • 1 cup fresh parsley
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 clove garlic
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon red pepper
  • ½ cup olive oil (more as needed)
  1. Season steak with salt and pepper and grill to your liking, about 5 minutes per side for medium rare.
  2. While steak is resting after being grilled, make chimichurra sauce: add all ingredients except olive oil to food processor and process until parsley and garlic are well-chopped.
  3. Add olive oil in a steady stream through processor tube until the sauce is a nice thick consistency.
  4. Slice steak against the grain, and garnish with sauce.


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  1. Joanne says

    I don't even have a garden and I'm worried about frost. So…yeah. Chimichurri sauce is a favorite of mine though! I bet it's especially tasty with homegrown parsley.

  2. a Broad says

    As you probably know, steak and especially chimichurri sauce is a staple where I live.
    They put the sauce on the table regardless of what you are eating.. I find I love it on grilled salmon and with chicken .. I don't eat red meat but I am not missing out on the chimichurri ! :)

  3. The Urban Baker says

    we are on the same page. i made the same thing this past friday night. don't you just love left over steak sandwiches the next day?? yours looks yummy!

  4. Kris says

    LOVE THIS!!! My husband makes this about once a month for us. We use lemon juice in the chimichurri sauce instead of vinegar. my favorite leftover that he makes with it is quesadillas. He slices the meat and adds spinach, corn, chimichurri sauce and cheese. it is amazing.

  5. Sinful Southern Sweets says

    LOL! I'd be worried about the herbs too if it meant I couldn't make that wonderful looking chimichurri sauce. Nice post!

  6. Kate Morgan Jackson says

    Oh man – now I wish I had LEFTOVERS! The quesadilla idea is genius. Guess I will have to make it again. :)

  7. City Share says

    That looks fabulous, and it's so easy. I don't think I have ever made chimichurri sauce. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Vicki says

    Chimichurri sounds like it was from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Definitely going to try this sauce. On meat for the hub and a baked potato for me.

  9. Elizabeth says

    Mmm, I love me some chimichurri good! I'm glad I'm not the only one looking at my woody basil plant and wondering what the heck is wrong with it…is summer over so soon? Why aren't the leaves getting any bigger…???

    Great photos as always!

  10. Anonymous says

    I made this yesterday and my family loved it. The chimichurri sauce was delicious and we are Argentinian so are very picky when it comes to this sauce. So fresh, and tasty! thank you


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