Caramel French Toast

French toast is the teenager’s all-time favorite, and I make it a LOT. I can almost make it in my sleep at this point, that’s how often she comes into the kitchen with those puppy dog eyes and says, “Mommy, can you make me french toast?”

It’s the “Mommy” part that just kills me. She’s 17 and I still instinctively whip my head around whenever I hear a little voice call out “Mommy!!” in a crowded store.

Anyway. I thought I knew everything there was to know about french toast, but as it turns out, there was one vital trick I wasn’t aware of, and that is that you can caramelize the outside of it with one very easy extra step. Yep, I said caramelize. Can you STAND it? All the creamy, comforting goodness of french toast, but with a thin, slightly crispy caramel coating on the outside.

Now, a few weeks ago I did a post on all fabulous Stonewall Kitchen goodies, and among other things I mentioned this stuff.

Which was the perfect accompaniment to caramel french toast. Although I wouldn’t say no to good old Vermont maple syrup too. Drop some of the wonderful blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and/or strawberries that are springing up all around us right on top and you are in French Toast Heaven. The world’s best breakfast, although to be totally honest with you, I made this for dinner. Breakfast for dinner. Does it get any better???

Caramel French Toast
  • 7 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 6 tablespoons (packed) golden brown sugar
  • 1½ cups whole milk
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 8 1-inch-thick slices French bread
  • Powdered sugar
  • Fresh blueberries and raspberries
  • Your choice of syrup
  1. Mix butter and brown sugar in small bowl to blend.
  2. Whisk milk, eggs, vanilla, and spices in large bowl to blend, and soak the bread slices in the milk mixture until they are good and soaked, at least 5 minutes. 10 is even better.
  3. Melt 4 tablespoons brown sugar-butter mixture in large nonstick skillet or griddle over medium-high heat. (If you can't fit them all in one skillet then only use 2 tablespoons butter mixture and save some of the next batch.) Spread remaining butter mixture over bread. Add bread slices to each skillet, butter side UP. Cook until bottoms are deep brown, 3 to 4 minutes. Turn slices over. Cook until bottoms are deep brown, 3 to 4 minutes.
  4. Divide French toast among 4 plates. Sift powdered sugar over. Top with blueberries and raspberries; drizzle with syrup.

Recipe adapted just a bit from Bon Appetit



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  1. Kathleen says:

    What! What!!! This looks soooooo amazing!

  2. Oh, darn. I made very bland french toast this morning. I wish I had this recipe this morning!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Now that is some amazing french toast!!! caramelized goodness and the strawberry syrup sounds yum!

  4. Amazing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Caramel and French toast together?? It's too much! *slips into food coma*

  6. my mouth is watering…

  7. Lynne @ CookandBeMerry says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! I love anything with caramelized sugar, plus the maple syrup! I'm in carbohydrate heaven! By the way, your photos are sooo beautiful.

  8. smalltownoven says:

    Wonderful twist on french toast! Can't wait to try it out. And this is a beautiful picture of your daughter!

  9. Adriana says:

    i'm so happy i just found your blog! it's awesome! i'm drooling over that french toast! looks like heaven!

  10. This french toast looks soooo… delicious!!!! You took a very good picture of it! I love french toast! Thanks for the recipe. And your daughter has very beautiful eyes!

  11. drooling! what an amazing french toast.

    also – your daughter is beautiful! i just realized that might be her in your home page pic, that I complimented on in my other comment 😉 either way, love your blog!!

  12. Kate Morgan Jackson says:

    Thanks everyone! And yes, that's Emma in the banner picture. (if ONLY I could still look like that in a bathing suit. sigh…) Too much caramel french toast, I guess. :)

  13. Kitchen Butterfly says:

    OMW – Oh My Word, that is a gorgeous plate of FTTTTTTTTT, I love the berry surround and the fact that you took this photo at eye level. Absolutely superb and I know the feeling of being called 'Mommy' (well Mama), hopes, dreams, adoration all wrapped up in that one word.

  14. Died. Went to heaven. yummmmmmmmmmm.


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