Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Crispy Breadcrumbs

beef stew with crispy bread crumbs

I have never, and I mean never, met a beef stew that I couldn't make friends with.  When it comes to beef stew I am basically just a girl who can't say no...but I do have certain requirements.  And my biggest one?  NO POTATOES.  Nope.  I love potatoes in many scenarios, but not in my beef stew...they get too soggy, and even if you put them in towards the end of the cooking process, they just take up too much room.  Nope, I like my beef stew carbs in other this case, via some crispy breadcrumbs on the top and some creamy polenta on the bottom.  Mmmmmm. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Beef Barley Stew


Things I love: My slow cooker.  Beef stew.  Barley.  Coming home after a long day's work to supper that is already made and bubbling away and all ready to be ladled into bowls and eaten up.  And so this recipe has vaulted to the very top of my Recipes I Love list, because it combines all of these things together into one scrumptious slow cooker full of deliciousness.  AND it makes enough for leftovers! Read More & Get the Recipe

Guinness Beef Stew


Saint Patrick's Day is only a few short days away, and while I know corned beef and cabbage is going to be on many an Irish dinner table that evening, I think this year we are going to shake things up just a bit and have beef stew.  But not just any beef stew...beef stew that has been cooked slowly and lovingly all afternoon in a simmering bath of Guinness draught.  Tender beef with lots of veggies and a sauce that will bring you right back to the old country, even if you have never been there. Read More & Get the Recipe

Stifado, Otherwise Known as Greek Beef Stew


Approximately one million years ago when the Southern husband and I were young and foolish, we had a lot less, well, stuff than we have now.  We had one television, one car, one teeny antique house and no hound dog.  We didn't have Iphones or digital cameras or laptops.  (Neither did anyone else...we are talking the Dark Ages here.  We are talking pre-Internet.  We are talking phones with curly cords. ) One thing that we DID have, however, was a very fine cast iron cooking pot, which has somehow escaped over the years.  We loved that pot, and among other things we made this wonderful Greek stew over and over and over in it, so whenever I make it these days it zaps me back to those olden days. Read More & Get the Recipe

Creamy Chicken Stew


Oh, this chicken dinner.  It's somewhere in between a stew and a's thicker than a soup for sure, and even though I'm calling it a stew, all that delectable creamy sauce up there makes it a little more soup-like than your typical stew.  Let's just put it this way: you are going to want both a fork AND a spoon to scoop up every single drop and morsel.  Because this is delectable, warm and wonderful wintertime comfort food at its most comforting.  Let's make some! Read More & Get the Recipe

Veal Artichoke Ragout

veal artichoke ragout

I'm currently in a mad, passionate love affair with artichokes.  This happens to me sometimes.  I go for these long stretches without having anything to do with an artichoke, and then I see one across a crowded room and something comes over me. Hello, handsome. Now before you get the wrong idea, I didn't exactly use that dashing specimen in the picture.  Nope, this recipe uses the couldn't-be-easier frozen artichoke hearts that come in a box in your handy frozen food section, and all you have to do is let them thaw and then toss them in the ragout at the last minute.  The rest of this dish is an easy veal stew that cooks for a couple of lazy hours on the stovetop in a luxurious sauce of beef broth, white wine, lemon juice, chopped onion and garlic, rosemary, tomato paste and just a little bit of flour to make it just the right amount of thickness.  It's the perfect dish for a cold snowy Sunday when you are hankering for a comfort food dinner that is just a little bit Read More & Get the Recipe