Coconut Pecan Blender Cake


I have so many, many things to say in this post.  It's going to be one of those stream of consciousness kind of rambling things that includes pictures of my recent jaunt to Nashville, an apology to the Southern husband and a video-chat with my bunny who is off at college, so if you want to skip over all of that and get right to the recipe, which is a super-easy one bowl coconut pecan cake that you make in your blender, feel free to skip right on down to the end.  I'll understand! Read More & Get the Recipe

Buttermilk Bacon Pralines


So, those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know all about my wild love affair with bacon.  The bacon cinnamon rolls.  The bacon pancakes.  The bacon cheddar bagel panini.  I thought I knew what true love was, bacon-wise. And then one fateful day, I made buttermilk bacon pralines, and the universe shifted...bacon-wise.  As the devoted wife of a Southern man, I've had my share of pralines, those sugary, pecan-filled circles of heaven.  But until I ran across this recipe in Screen Doors and Sweet Tea,  I didn't know what a praline truly could be.  I actually didn't think I ever would or could make a praline.  But the bacon called out to me, and one afternoon I found myself with a candy thermometer, some pecans and a plate of bacon, and there was no turning back. By the way, a quick word about candy thermometers.  I used to be terrified of them.  I would get to a recipe that looked fabulous, see the words "candy thermometer" and then wistfully turn the page.  And Read More & Get the Recipe

Pecan Pie Muffins


Okay, so I have an issue to discuss today.  There are many times when I will run across a recipe for a pie or a cake that I would love to make.  The issue is that I live with the following individuals: Exhibit A: The Southern husband.  Who is fully capable of having one small slice, saying all the right proper, appreciative, romantic things, and then not having any more.  Just leaving the rest of the pie/cake/other large dessert there on the counter, undisturbed.  I do not understand this man.  I love and adore him, but I don't understand him. Exhibit B: The teenager.  Who does not like the following: Pecans. Piecrust. Walnuts.  Coconut.  Lemon. Peanuts (unless mashed into peanut butter that comes in a jar clearly marked "Skippy.")  Dark chocolate.  Strawberries.  I could go on and on.  I do not understand this child.  I love and adore her, and I spent many long hours birthing her so I know she is mine, but I don't understand her. Exhibit C: The dog.  The dog will eat Read More & Get the Recipe

Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies with Rum Raisin Filling


My brother and his lovely wife host Thanksgiving dinner for our noisy lovable family -- God bless him -- and every year I beg him for a little assignment, just so I can hold my head up. I mean, what self-respecting food blogger would sail through Thanksgiving without, something? So this year he asked me to bring a dessert, which aside from bacon is my favorite thing to make in the kitchen. I knew my sister-in-law would be making her scrumptious and classic pumpkin pie, so I wanted to make something that would be a little different, but still sort of holiday-ish. Then as luck would have it, my Southern husband brought home a copy of the 2009 edition of CHRISTMAS WITH SOUTHERN LIVING. And along with a variety of other recipes that I just might try over the holidays, it included this recipe for oatmeal sandwich cookies that are held together with a rum raisin cream filling. Now, I know my dad is a serious rum raisin fan, and the Southern husband is a big oatmeal cookie fan, Read More & Get the Recipe

Pecan Pie Winners!


Thank you to every one of you Gaiman-loving, pie-loving, movie-loving folks who entered the Pecan Bestseller Pie giveaway that I posted a few days ago. Before I get to the winners, I wanted to send out one more big THANK YOU to my guest blogger Elise Howard -- editor and pie-baker extraodinaire. And another giant thank you to one of the most amazing writers I know, the incredibly talented Neil Gaiman. If you haven't yet read THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, you need to go get your hands on a copy right this minute. It's simply spectacular. Okay, on to the lucky winners, who were selected by, because if I had to pick them out myself I just...couldn' it. The winner of the obviously way too easy question about what movie the line "Pecan Piiiiiiiie" came from is Photogramommy, who (along with everyone else) knew that it came from WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. (And a special thanks to all of you who also reminded me of the paprikash line. I just LOVE that dang movie.) Photogramommy, you Read More & Get the Recipe

Guest Blogger Elise Howard: Pecan Bestseller Pie


Photo by Leo Chapman "Pecan piiiiiiiie." Everyone leaving a comment telling me the movie that line is from is automatically entered in a random drawing to win a copy of the cookbook AMERICAN PIE. I have one delicious copy to give away -- and another fun giveaway at the bottom of this post. Anyway, I love pecan pie and would have gotten around to blogging about it sooner or later, but as it turns out, my friend Elise is an awesome pecan-pie-baker, and not only that, has a better pecan pie story to tell than I will EVER have. So I knelt at her feet and asked her to be Framed's very first guest blogger. Therefore without further ado, I give you Elise Howard and her Pecan Bestseller Pie.... ********* Just over a year ago, HarperCollins published The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman, which I had the privilege of editing. It immediately went to #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Neil told us here at Harper that if we could keep the book at #1 for a month, there would be Read More & Get the Recipe