Easy Mini Apple Pies


Okay, even though I love to make things like butter and ricotta cheese and bread from scratch, never let it be said that there isn't a time and place in my life for things like pre-made crescent roll dough.  Yep, the kind in the tube that you get to pop open. Because crescent roll dough can lead to things like perfect little individual apple pies that you can hold in your hand, and possibly even eat two of since they are so small and delicious and impossible to resist. Read More & Get the Recipe

Apple Dumplings, and the Winners Are…


Yes, those are what you think they are...the Pioneer Woman's famous apple dumplings...made with crescent rolls, apples, butter, sugar, and a nice dose of Mountain Dew. They are sinfully, outrageously, spectacularly good...no surprise since pretty much everything she makes falls into this same category. As I hope you have heard at this point, you too can get your mitts on a wonderful collection of Pioneer Woman recipes, along with a good dose of her warm and hilarious writing and page after page of her gorgeous photographs in her new cookbook. As you may have heard, I got my OWN mitts on three copies of this fab cookbook, and asked you guys to leave a comment on my Sesame Noodles post suggesting something for me to make and photograph. And as a result, I have tons of great suggestions...and three lucky winners! As a matter of fact, there were SO many wonderful comments that I had to enlist the helpful Southern husband to close his eyes and pick the winners. And they Read More & Get the Recipe

Easy Chicken Pot Pie


So, we interrupt our usual blog posting to bring you the "news-just-in" that this little blog has been named a Best of the Web site by none other than Saveur. Which is a very ooh-la-la wonderful magazine and website, and oh, my goodness. I am blushing, and thrilled, and don't know what to say, other than...check this out!! Framed on Saveur's Best of the Web!! Thank you, my new best friends at Saveur! I am seriously, completely honored. Where was I? Oh yes. Chicken Pot Pie. I know, we miss the summer, it was over way, way, way too fast. But the coming of fall means the coming of PIE. And I don't just mean the sweet pies, although I do love pumpkin pie. And apple pie. And pecan pie. Etc. But I also have great love for the savory pies...seafood, beef, chicken...they are an incredibly satisfying comfort food at the end of a long chilly day. And me being me, I am always looking for the short cut. Not that I don't appreciate a long Sunday's worth of cooking in the kitchen, Read More & Get the Recipe

Baby Chocolate Croissants


Aren't they adorable? They are about 3 inches long, 1 inch wide, and filled with about a teaspoon of dark melted chocolate. And they can be all yours in 30 minutes or less. This recipe comes via Joy the Baker, who got it from Nigella Lawson. (If you have never visited Joy's site, you need to go. Her recipes are amazing, and her photographs are breathtaking. www.joythebaker.com.) And so now I pass this recipe along to you. It's like a chocolate croissant version of Pay It Forward. All you need is frozen puff pastry (usually next to the frozen fruit part of your supermarket's freezer section), some really good dark chocolate, an egg and a little sea salt, if you are the kind who likes a little hint of salt on their sweet stuff. I am that kind, myself. Once the pastry is defrosted, it is 30 minutes from start to take a bite. And you do have to take a bite pretty soon after they are out of the oven. They actually do heat up pretty nicely (10 seconds in your friendly microwave), but Read More & Get the Recipe