Chicken with Spring Vegetables and Gnocchi


Chicken and dumplings, how do I love thee?  More ways than there would be room to list in this post, that's for sure.  And while one of the reasons I love it so is that chicken and dumplings is a warm and hearty comfort food, that heartiness used to keep this in the Cold Winter's Night part of my recipe repertoire.  But now that I've found a version that replaces the dumplings with gnocchi and that introduces some spring veggies into the action?  Chicken and dumplings all year round! Read More & Get the Recipe

Gnocchi with Spring Vegetables


This past week or two it is finally sinking in with me that after the long winter of snow and ice and snow and wind and snow and sleet and snow, spring might finally be here.  The proof is right here in my own backyard.... That is a little baby lilac.  When it turns into a full-blooming lilac I will go through the same agonizing decision I make every year - clip it and bring it inside, or leave it on the lilac bush?  (Hint: the lilac bush has won every year so far.) There's also this little guy. I have no idea what he is, but he's green, so I'm happy. However, the ultimate sign of spring, the one that means we have truly crossed over to the other side is the following.... Once the dog is outside sunning herself in the grass instead of lounging around illegally on my bed, I know that summer can't be far away.  And all this springtime merriment was enough to make me work up my courage and tackle this recipe for gnocchi with spring vegetables.  I don't know what it is Read More & Get the Recipe