Spring Vegetable Risotto with Poached Egg


I'm finally starting to believe that the Long Winter of 2014 might actually, really, potentially be over.  My mom's daffodils are finally up.  I can see little tiny buds on our cherry tree.  The 12 foot mound of snow that has been in our driveway for months has melted into nothing.  And so visions of spring veggies are dancing in my head...and in this particular vision, they are nestled into a creamy risotto with a poached egg melting into the whole thing.  That's a good vision, right?  Let's make it a reality. Read More & Get the Recipe

One Bowl Suppers: Tuna with Roasted Fennel


As I mentioned on this here blog a few weeks ago, the Southern husband and I are doing a one bowl supper once a week these days.  The bowl (which is actually usually a plate but bowl sounds SO much cozier), has to contain a protein, a whole grain, a colorful veggie, a green veggie and some kind of interesting topping.  It has us both debating and trying all kinds of combos we've never tried before...in this case tuna with brown rice and roasted fennel and baby carrots and candied pecans and a few other things...and we feel all healthy and delicious while we are eating.  Win, win, win. Read More & Get the Recipe

Summertime Shrimp Chowder


This fresh and lovely little chowder was actually on my list to share with you next summer.  The way this blog works is that I cook and take pictures almost every day...but I only post three times a week.  Believe it or not, I already have almost a full summers-worth of recipes lined up for you.  So once I finished figuring out this chowder recipe, I was going to park it on the back burner for next summer...until my friend Dennis saw my notes for it on my kitchen counter, and said (and this is a direct quote): "GET THIS POSTED, GIRL!"  And because I try and always do what Dennis says, I bumped something else out of the way and here I am with what I am now fondly thinking of as Summertime 2013 (not 2014!) Shrimp Chowder. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chilled Fennel Soup with Buttered Walnuts


I am a devoted soup lover, and most of the year, my soup needs to be of the piping hot variety, with actual tendrils of steam curling up in the air.  But sometime in the sultry weeks of July and August my soup loyalties shift, and I'm on the prowl for cool and simple soups.  You know those nights when you drag yourself through the door, almost too hot and cranky to eat?  These are the nights when a quick and silky chilled soup is your best friend, and this fennel soup is just about as easy as they come, and with no cream whatsoever it's as healthy as healthy can be. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken with Spring Vegetables and Gnocchi


Chicken and dumplings, how do I love thee?  More ways than there would be room to list in this post, that's for sure.  And while one of the reasons I love it so is that chicken and dumplings is a warm and hearty comfort food, that heartiness used to keep this in the Cold Winter's Night part of my recipe repertoire.  But now that I've found a version that replaces the dumplings with gnocchi and that introduces some spring veggies into the action?  Chicken and dumplings all year round! Read More & Get the Recipe

Hot Chicken Salad


Santa Claus totally, utterly spoiled me this year by leaving one of these under my tree. Not with the squash in it, just in case you were wondering. Anyway, I couldn't WAIT to chop up anything in sight, and luckily for me, the instruction manual included a bunch of recipes that conveniently required that ingredients be chopped and sliced and otherwise generally pulverized. And as I was flipping through the book I spotted one that I hadn't run across before...hot chicken salad. Which called for some cooked chicken, which I happily had some if in my fridge. Let the chopping begin!! The recipe called for first chopping up the chicken with some scallions with the regular chopping blade. Roger that....chopchopchopchop. Then you put on the slicing blade and slice up some fennel. Sliceslicesliceslice. THEN you get to use the little mini bowl and blade to mix up the dressing, which is a combo of mayonnaise, sour cream, flour, oregano, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Mixmixmixmixmix. Mix Read More & Get the Recipe