Frosted Meatloaf Cupcakes

meatloaf cupcakes

With the empty nest that we have going at our house these days, certain recipes are more of a challenge to make.  Whole lasagnas, big casseroles of macaroni and cheese and regular size meatloaves are all just too much deliciousness without the Southern daughter and her posse around to share the eating.  So my solution?  I'm basically cupcaking everything.  Lasagna?  Cupcakes.  Mac and cheese?  Cupcakes.  So it was pretty much only a matter of time before I cupcaked meatloaf...which by the way, was practically begging for a mashed potato frosting. Oh yeah. Read More & Get the Recipe

October Sunday Cookbook Giveaway: Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook!


Oh, do I have a sweet treat for you with my October Sunday Cookbook Giveaway! If you live with, are related to or have any contact whatsoever with any little girls between the ages of just about birth all the way through grade school, you have probably heard the word "Pinkalicious" a few times.  Aside from being a deliciously fun word to say, it's also the name of one of the most beloved picture book characters around.  More on Pinkalicious in a second, but first let me tell you that us grown-ups can now get in on the fun with this pretty in pink cookbook that is full of cupcakes that are straight out of every sweet dream you've ever had.  And I not only have a few copies of the cookbook to give away, but a few additional pinktastic treats as well! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lasagna Cupcakes


Those of you who have been reading this blog lately know that I have developed an alarmingly close relationship with my muffin pan. I blame the French Toast muffins that I made a while back. They turned on a little lightbulb over my head, one that has led me down a road filled with cupcakes of all shapes and sizes. Ice Cream Cupcakes. Macaroni and Cheese Cupcakes. And now what may be my favorites, which are these Lasagna Cupcakes. Yep, that's a bonafide little lasagna up there, complete with layers of pasta, rich meat sauce and three kinds of cheese. Isn't he handsome? So here's how this works. Instead of using lasagna noodles, you use wonton wrappers. Wonton wrappers are basically super-thin pieces of delicious fresh pasta, and they are perfect for this little exercise. The only thing you have to do is cut the little wonton squares into a round shape that will fit into your muffin tin. This is really easy to do with either a round biscuit cutter, or by putting a juice glass down on Read More & Get the Recipe