White Wine Spaghetti with Bacon and Parmesan


So, after about one million years of cooking pasta in plain old boiling water and tossing sauce on it, I recently discovered that if you take it out of the water a few minutes before it is done and finish cooking it in the sauce, the clouds will part, angels will sing, and you will ascend to new heights of pasta bliss.  So it was just a small step for me to take this to the next step, which was finishing it in a lovely bath of white wine.  And yes, it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. Read More & Get the Recipe

Ravioli with White Wine Butter Sauce and Asparagus Tips


First things first.  I haven't done a giveaway in a while now, have I?  Let me answer that: no, I haven't!  And so I'm going to do one, and guess what I am giving away this time?  Here's a hint: see that plate of scrumptious ravioli with white wine butter sauce and asparagus tips?  Yep.  I'm giving away ravioli.  And not just ravioli....keep on reading! Read More & Get the Recipe

Monday Wine and Cheese Night


So, as much as I love to cook (and you KNOW how much I love to cook, especially if there is bacon involved), the Southern husband and I like to shake things up a little bit, suppertime-wise.  For example, every Saturday night we go to a new restaurant we've never been to before.  We've been to a few duds this way, but mostly we have found some new and wonderful places we may never have tried otherwise.  We call the The Restaurant Project, and we have given our GPS a run for its money with this little adventure. On Fridays we do something called Friday Night Lights, and I'm not talking about the fabulous television series.  Nope, by Friday Night Lights I mean Read More & Get the Recipe

Chocolate Merlot Tarragon Truffles


Someone I hold near and dear recently commented that I talk about some, well, strange food combinations on this blog, and I know he's sitting out there somewhere looking at the title of this recipe and shaking his head.  Because it is not every day that you run into a combination of chocolate and merlot in the same truffle, not to mention the tarragon.  I'll get to the tarragon in a sec, but this gives me yet another opportunity to mention my favorite merlot...Red Bicyclette. It's a little hard to track down, but if you ever spot it and you are a merlot-lover like me, give it a try.  Yum.  Meanwhile, back at the tarragon...I know you might be thinking, why on earth would I toss some herbs into a mixture of perfectly good chocolate?  Merlot maybe, but tarragon?  But be brave and do it...tarragon gives these babies just a teeny hint of that anise flavor that cuts the sweetness just the right amount.  That and rolling the truffles in a nice coating of unsweetened cocoa Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Rosemary Merlot Flank Steak


If you hang in with this post long enough I promise that there is a pretty fabulous grilled steak recipe at the end, but in the meantime...the backstory! At least once a year...sometimes more...the Southern husband and I head north to my favorite place on earth, otherwise known as Vermont.  Sometimes the teenager comes with us, even though there is no cell phone service whatsoever in our little neck of the Vermont hills.  (Believe me when i say that in the teenage world, there is no greater love for one's mama than going outside the zone of Verizon coverage.) Other things that are not in our little corner of Vermont: Movie theaters.  Starbucks.  Kentucky Fried Chicken.  ATM's.   Etc.  They do have a lot of these though. Here's the Southern husband scanning the area for a gas station that will take that little gizmo on his keychain that allows you to pay for your gas without actually taking out your wallet. Nope.  As a matter of fact, finding ANY gas station is a Read More & Get the Recipe

Ravioli with Tomatoes in White Wine Sauce


This is one of those recipes that is perfect, perfect, perfect for those long days where everything goes wrong, but at the end of the day you still have to make dinner.  It's simple and delicious and comforting and only takes 20 minutes, and that's including slicing up those cute little grape tomatoes at a very reasonable rate of speed. (Why are they called grape tomatoes, by the way?  Is it because they are shaped like grapes?  That seems like too easy an answer.  Please advise.) Anyway, if you have some grape tomatoes hanging around, and a bag of frozen cheese ravioli in your fridge (and you should ALWAYS have an emergency bag of cheese ravioli in your fridge...trust me on this), you are twenty short minutes away from having a supper that will melt all your cares away.  You saute a little bit of shallot in some olive oil, and then add in those halved grape tomatoes and about a cup of white wine.  (Pour another glass of wine while you cook.  It will help speed up the Read More & Get the Recipe