Brown Butter Walnut Pasta

brown butter walnut pasta

This is one of those simple simple simple ingredients that I make when I don't want to give more than 2 seconds thought to dinner.  I always have the ingredients, it is ready in two shakes, it couldn't be easier to make, and most importantly, it tastes like HEAVEN.  The heaven part is due to the miracle of brown butter, which is butter that has been lovingly melted on the stove until it turns, yes, brown.  Brown butter has a nutty taste that is indescribably delicious, so I won't even try...but it did give me the idea of adding some nuts to this pasta dish.  Just when I thought heaven couldn't get any more did. Read More & Get the Recipe

Savory Granola

savory granola

We are big granola lovers in this house.  Crunchy, pretty healthy, what's not to love?  And usually our granola is the sweet variety that is usually the first thing you think of when you are thinking of granola (what, you aren't constantly thinking of granola??), but every once in a while we like to shake things up around here and go for a savory version.  One that is a little salty and peppery instead of sweet.  It's a fine fine thing to snack on with a glass of wine, but it can also be sprinkled onto all sorts of things.  More on that later - first let's make some! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cheese Ball Pops

cheese ball pops

Here's what happens when you are married to a food blogger.  You come home from work with the perfectly reasonable expectation of having a normal dinner.  But lo, your food blogger spouse has had a brainstorm during the day that if there were cake pops out there in the world, why couldn't there be cheese pops?  As in, soft little balls of blue cheese and cream cheese and chopped chives and black pepper, rolled in chopped walnuts with a pretzel stick for easy holding.  And so instead of your nice normal dinner, guess what you eat that night? Yup.  Cheese Ball Pops. Read More & Get the Recipe

Blue Cheese Pesto Pasta

blue cheese pesto pasta

The first pesto of basil season is like the sun coming up in the morning after a long rainy night.  Bright and sparkling and fresh, and you can't believe you lived through the long cold winter with no fresh pesto.  And then your cute little basil patch turns into a forest, and you are making pesto on pesto on pesto until your family is begging for mercy.  That's when you need to get creative with the pesto.  That's when you need to make blue cheese pesto pasta. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pasta with Golden Raisins and Walnuts

Pasta with Golden Walnuts and Breadcrumbs

We aren't eating a lot of pasta in our house at the moment, for the plain and simple reason that the Southern daughter is home for the summer, she's completely into healthy high-protein/low-carb eating, and she is dragging us along with her.  So whenever she is out with her friends, we sneak in a plate of pasta...but since they are now few and far between, I'm trying to be a little bit exotic.  While still spending a minimal amount of time in the kitchen.  Which is how this pasta with golden raisins and walnuts done got born. Read More & Get the Recipe

Bacon Blue Cheese Dip


You know what's good?  Besides bacon?  Bacon mixed up with blue cheese and cream cheese and a few other goodies into a creamy, dreamy dip.  And you know what's even better?  Serving it up not with the usual chips and crackers and celery sticks, but with juicy slices of apple and pear. It's that whole sweet meets salty meets crunchy meets creamy thing that will make you forget all about dinner because you are so perfectly happy with the before-dinner nibbles. Read More & Get the Recipe