Vermont Cheddar Soup


Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know a bit about my love and affection for Vermont, and if you don't and really want to know you can click here and here.  And love it I do...but I love it most of all when the wildflowers are blooming, the corn is in the meadow, and it's warm enough to dance on the top of your car. Disclaimer: that is NOT me.  It may or may not be someone who is related to me who got bored while I was shooting pictures on the side of the road, put some Aerosmith on the car stereo and entertained herself while at the same time thoroughly confusing all the cows in the vicinity. I promise I am getting to the point. The point is that for much of the year in Vermont, you don't want to be anywhere near the top of the car.  You want to be inside with a fire in the woodstove and a pot of nice warm cheese soup on the table.  Made with Vermont cheddar cheese, please.  We like Cabot cheddar and have gone to buying it in big (of course) chunks Read More & Get the Recipe

Cheddar Jalapeno Huevos Rancheros in Tortilla Cups


Here's one of the many things I love about my little thing leads to another and I end up getting ideas and recipes from the most unexpected places. Take this little number, for example. Where would you expect something that has the words "jalapeno, huevos, rancheros" and "tortilla" to come from? Someplace south of the border, right? Someplace warm and sunny? Someplace like this? If you guessed tropical, sultry Vermont, you would be right. I wish I had a picture of it with a little more snow...this is actually what our cabin view will look like in the spring when things thaw out a little...but you get my drift. So here's what happened....I was singing the praises of Cabot cheddar recently in my post on Butternut Cheddar Soup. That particular recipe came from an ad for the wonderful Vermont Cabot cheddar, and the great folks at Cabot liked my post. They sent me a groovy package of stuff, including a recipe booklet full of things that you can make with Vermont cheese and Read More & Get the Recipe