Buttered Turkey Breast Roast…and Thankfulness!

butter roasted turkey breast

Here it comes, one of my favorite holidays of the year!  Yes because of the turkey and all the fixings, and even more because of the friends and family.  I have so much to be thankful for I don't even know where to start (more on that later)...so while I am figuring that out, let's talk turkey!  There are various reasons you might need to cook a glorious golden buttered turkey breast instead of a whole turkey.  Maybe your Thanksgiving crowd is a small and intimate one.  Maybe there was no leftover turkey from the big bird (the HORROR!) and you need some more turkey.  Whatever your reason, here's your delicious answer - and it doesn't even need be Thanksgiving in order to make it. Read More & Get the Recipe

The Best Turkey Burgers!

turkey burger

The Southern daughter is back at college now (sniffle, sob, deep breath) but while she was home she propelled us all into a pattern of Healthier Eating.  As in, the pasta and chocolate got pushed to the back of the pantry, and we all shared the wonder of snacking on freshly steamed local broccoli with sea salt, ate lots of Skinny Pop, and discovered that turkey burgers were actually as scrumptious as their traditional beef cousins.  Especially when they are topping with nitrate-free bacon and (sorry, I'm still not perfect) American cheese sinking into all the nooks and crannies.  Here's how it goes. Read More & Get the Recipe

Thanksgiving Casserole!


Right about now you are probably smack in the middle of a Thanksgiving whirlwind, or you know somebody who is.  The turkey is thawing or brining, the pumpkin pies are baking, you are searching for that cornbread stuffing you know you have somewhere, and you’re sending someone to the store to pick up the marshmallows you forgot to get for the top of the sweet potato casserole. Read More & Get the Recipe

Turkey Club Sandwich Salad


I am such a sucker for a good club sandwich.  When I spot one on a menu you'd think I'd never had a club sandwich before...I immediately ignore everything else as visions of turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo start dancing in my head.  And so I did with the turkey club sandwich what I have done with lasagna, french toast and boston cream pie...I took the basic ingredients and put it in a different form...basically allowing me to eat even more turkey club sandwich.  Only in the case, in salad form! Read More & Get the Recipe

Monte Cristo Bread Pudding


So, anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis would probably very understandably assume that my favorite sandwich is a BLT.  (Maybe because I have mentioned bacon a few times here and there over the years.)  But astonishingly it is not...nope, my heart belongs to a sandwich called the Monte Cristo, which is a ham, cheese and turkey sandwich that is dipped in egg batter and fried to golden perfection.  (Pause here to close eyes and imagine the wonderfulness). Read More & Get the Recipe

Turkey Pot Pie with Savory Crumble Topping


Okay, for those of you who might have some turkey hanging around the house, this one's for you.  But first, a few words about pot pie. Whenever I go to a restaurant and see pot pie on the menu, I get a pang of longing.  There is something about the words "pot" and "pie" together that just makes me feel all cozy inside.  But then it arrives, and I always find that there is a little too much piecrust and not enough of the wonderful insides.  Now don't get me wrong, I always end up eating all the piecrust part anyway...but it's not the perfect image that was dancing in my head. Until now.  This recipe is a close cousin to the Chicken Cobbler that I made a while back, but instead of a cobbler topping it uses savory crumbles of what is basically a biscuit dough flavored with parmesan cheese that you pre-bake and then scatter on top of the turkey/vegetable mixture for the final baking.  (Full disclosure: the original recipe that I found at Cooks Illustrated called for using chicken, Read More & Get the Recipe