Breakfast Tacos

breakfast tacos

I love any excuse to combine bacon and eggs, don't you?  And while the old classic of over easy with a side of perfectly cooked bacon is always A-OK with me, I do like to shake things up a little from time to time, bacon and egg-wise.  This easy and festive version is the perfect thing to make when your house slowly stretches out of bed on New Year's Day, not only because it is full of good things like mashed avocado and warm tortilla and yep, bacon and eggs...but because that little red drizzle over the top is some open-your-eyes-wide Sriracha sauce.  Depending on how much champagne was had the night before, you may want to adjust the amount! Read More & Get the Recipe

Light and Easy Fried Fish Tacos

fried fish taco

Man, have I been in a fish taco mood lately.  Which works out well for the Southern husband who loves fish tacos, and is very happy that I am not in, say, a brussels sprout mood or a chicken liver mood or a couscous mood, all things that I love but he doesn't.  But fish tacos he is happy to eat night after night, which we did until I got things down to my two favorites...the quick and scrumptious grilled fish tacos I wrote about the other day, and these light and delectable fried fish tacos.  And while we did adore the grilled fish tacos....these fried ones?  They are the grand prize winners in my house. Read More & Get the Recipe

Taco Wraps!


I don't know about you, but I am helpless in the face of anything that has the word "taco" in its title.  Taco salad, baked taco know it is only a matter of time before I figure out a way to turn tacos into soup, but in the meantime, here's a version of the regular old taco...only in wrap sandwich form!  Not that I have anything at all against those crispy crunchy taco shells, but every one in a while I like to eat my taco without the 50% chance of it breaking into pieces and falling into my lap on the first bite.  It's a calming experience, and for those times...taco wraps! Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken and Cheese Flautas


A little while ago I made this recipe for roast chicken from the wonderful Leite's Culinaria website.  It was without question the best, easiest roast chicken I've ever made in my life, and it made for a perfect Sunday dinner.  But it was just me, the Southern husband and the teenager (Home from college for winter break!  Happiness!) and hungry as we were, we were no match for an entire perfect chicken.  So, what to do with the leftovers? Read More & Get the Recipe

Beef Enchilada Casserole


Okay, I think I have oh, zero recipes on this blog that rely heavily on the microwave as the major cooking appliance.  There is just something about the microwave that doesn't feel like it is real cooking, with the exception of popcorn.  Oh, and that vanilla brittle I made a ways back.  But aside from that...not too much, until for some reason I took it out for a spin with this little number. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup


 If there is any kitchen appliance more helpful, cooperative and just plain satisfying than the good old slow cooker, I don't know what it is.  Sure, the food processor is all dramatic with the instant chopping, and the KitchenAid mixer is the 800 pound gorilla, towering over all the other gadgets.  And every once in a while, my trusty rice cooker comes out to work on some rice or oatmeal or grits. But my heart belongs to the slow cooker, for two reasons.  First of all, pretty much anything you throw in there comes out tasting great.  Beef barley soup.  Bolognese sauce.  Even a chocolate pudding cake that I really am going to make one day and post up here, since I talk about it and then don't share.  (Sorry!) And second of all -- and this happens to me every time -- you toss whatever it is into the slow cooker first thing in the morning.  Then you go off about your day while whatever it is cooks in perfect slowness for eight or ten hours.  Then you slog back in the door at the Read More & Get the Recipe