Feta Artichoke Pizza

feta artichoke pizza

This recipe for feta artichoke pizza came about once again from my "no ingredient left behind" rule, which stipulates that if I buy something for a recipe and don't use all of it up, I need to figure out another recipe that uses up the rest of whatever it was.  In this case, I had a lovely hunk of feta cheese in the fridge, and a bowl of cheery, sweet cherry tomatoes on my counter.  And so my mind goes where it frequently does in "no ingredient left behind" situations, and that is directly towards pizza.  Visions of pizza topped with feta cheese and pan-roasted cherry tomatoes began dancing in my head, and in the vision it was topped with marinated artichoke hearts and fresh chopped thyme and drizzled with olive oil. THE VISION HAD TO HAPPEN. Read More & Get the Recipe

Fresh Corn Johnnycakes


I am always up for pancakes for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) and I am always up for anything involving fresh corn.  And as the fresh corn season we are in slowly moves towards fall, I am using it before I lose in in everything from salsa to salad to plain old corn on the cob.  But one of my favorite ways to use corn is in good old-fashioned johnnycakes, made with corn puree and cornmeal and topped with fresh corn and did I mention that I love corn? Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken with Capers and Roasted Lemon

chicken with capers and roasted lemon

If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you know that just about everything I have learned about cooking good food I learned from my mama.  Her legendary scones and delectable marinated mozzarella are just two of the recipes I've shared here over the years, but she also has an uncanny knack for taking something as ordinary as chicken and a few lemons and turning it into a melt in your mouth plate of tender, tangy wonderfulness that has me (once again) asking for the recipe. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken in Buttered White Wine Pan Sauce

chicken in white wine pan sauce

Chicken, you old reliable stand-by, you.  You are always here for us...on those days when we are running in a million different directions all day long, and at the end of that long day we come home to a house full of people with hungry, expectant looks on their faces, you never let us down.  You are always, always reliable...but if I'm going to be totally honest, you CAN be just a teeny bit, well, boring.  Unless we cook you up with an easy, elegant buttered white wine pan sauce.  Then, chicken, you rock. Read More & Get the Recipe

Skillet Chicken with Herb Dressing

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 8.09.08 PM

There's nothing I like better than a good old-fashioned Sunday dinner of roasted chicken with dressing.  But somehow the idea of the roasting pan and the mixing bowl and all the other fuss and muss that can go along with it makes me wistfully turn away from my chicken with dressing dreams towards something that is a little less of a production.  Until now.  Until I realized that I could make it all together in one hardworking skillet.  One skillet, one chicken, one table full of happy faces. Read More & Get the Recipe

Roasted Cauliflower Soup


I had a brief and intense fling with cauliflower during my brief and intense fling with the Atkins diet...the one that says you can have all the bacon that you want, so long as you don't even THINK about eating one single solitary carbohydrate.  Somewhere along the line I realized that pureed cauliflower tasted remarkably close to potatoes, which were forbidden.  Atkins and I had to break up quickly due to my inability to live without pasta, but one of the best things it gave me was a love for all things cauliflower...which in turn has lead to this scrumptious roasted cauliflower soup. Read More & Get the Recipe