Warm Green Bean and Farro Salad

green bean farro salad

This recipe was born out of a conglomeration of different events, which is how some of my favorite recipes happen.  You aren't planning them, but then you realize that you have an odd assortment of leftover bits and pieces in your fridge and pantry, and you start to get this feeling.  The feeling that they just might work together as a delicious taste sensation.  That's what happened here, with a side of me doing my January New Year New You thing, which means that the Southern husband and only have S meals during this month. Seafood, Soup and Salad.  This mash-up is a warm salad full of whole grains and veggies with a little zing provided by a little feta cheese and a few other things.  Good and good for you can also taste pretty dang good! Read More & Get the Recipe

Warm Potato Green Bean Salad


We are in the height of potato salad season these days!  And since do love potatoes but I do NOT love the classic mayo-dressed potato salad, I have these basic guidelines when putting together potato salads.  First, no mayo.  (You probably guessed that.)  Second, no peeling, because who wants to be in the kitchen peeling potatoes in the middle of potato salad season?  Third, find something interesting to toss into the potato salad along with the potatoes.  Fourth, when it comes to potato salad, mustard is your friend.  Welcome to warm green bean potato salad! Read More & Get the Recipe

Tuna Nicoise Pasta


This is the time of year when I actually try to step away from the bacon for a moment or two and do the whole new year new you thing.  The Southern husband is always game for a soup or salad supper, but at the same time I want to make something that is going to be interesting and delicious.  And so I did one of my favorite things to do, which is take something that I like in one form and flip it into another one...in this case, I took an innocent tuna nicoise salad and pasta-fied it.  Pasta-fied is a word, right?  If not, it should be.  I hereby declare it a word! Read More & Get the Recipe

Steak and Blue Cheese Salad

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 8.13.44 AM

I know I may be in the serious minority here, but I like setting the clocks ahead an hour in the spring. I know, there's the whole losing an hour of sleep thing, and the whole changing the time on the millions of clocks that we have around the house thing (not that I actually change them...that cough-cough sound you hear is the Southern husband.).  But that extra hour of daylight means that I can once again work the grill into my dinner plans without feeling all guilty that I'm sending a certain someone outside to grill in the dark.  So the very first day after the time changed, we cranked up the grill and had ourselves some steak and blue cheese salad! Read More & Get the Recipe

Honey Chicken Stir-Fry


I love a good stir-fry!  They are usually quick (yay!), reasonably healthy (yay!) and scrumptious (triple yay!).  The perfect quick/healthy/scrumptious thing to make at the end of a long and not so scrumptious day.  So break out the skillet (or if you are fancier than me, kitchen equipement-wise, the wok) and away we go! Read More & Get the Recipe

Israeli Couscous with Green Beans, Feta and Pistachios


There is something about the word couscous that just makes me happy. I have no idea why. Usually when you think of couscous (which I'm sure you do all the time) you are thinking of the teeny tiny pastina-like version, and I do love that kind. But this recipe calls for Israeli couscous, which is the larger, pearl-sized version. It's a bit more substantial when you are making it with other, chunkier ingredients that tend to overwhelm the regular itsy-bitsy couscous. (Let's see how many times I can say couscous in this post, shall we?) This 15 minutes or less recipe is terrific as a side dish to grilled chicken or steak, but can also stand perfectly well on its own as a light lunch or supper. And it is healthyhealthyhealthy. And very beautiful too, with the green beans and cucumbers and the golden raisins all mixing up there with the cheese and the couscous. This is another speedy recipe adapted from EVERYDAY FOOD magazine, which I continue to get so many great ideas from. Make Read More & Get the Recipe