The Best Steak and Eggs!

steak and eggs

Steak and eggs is one of those things that never tempts me on a menu.  It's mainly found on breakfast menus, and at that time of the morning I am more of a french toast girl, or a pancake girl, or at most a eggs and corned beef hash girl.  But we were recently at one of our favorite restaurants, and they had it as a appetizer on the dinner menu.  I still wasn't tempted.  But the Southern husband didn't even think twice - he pounced.  And when it came, it changed my entire way of thinking about steak and eggs.  It doesn't have to be a giant piece of steak topped with two fried eggs (although if that's the way you like your steak and eggs, go for it!).  Nope, it can be a small tender piece of beef topped with one perfect poached egg, with a little green thrown in there.  Whole steak and egg vistas have opened for me! Read More & Get the Recipe

Steak with Whipped Cauliflower and Crispy Breadcrumbs

steak with whipped cauliflower and crispy breadcrumbs

We've all heard the term "steak and potatoes," and many of us dearly love that particular phrase and all that it conjures up.  Juicy steak.  Creamy potatoes. I know I am helpless in the face of that combo...but then I remembered my love affair with whipped cauliflower, and I started to wonder.  Could it be that steak with whipped cauliflower give the old classic steak and potatoes a run for its money?  Could it? Read More & Get the Recipe

Drunken Steak

drunken steak

Ah, drunken steak.  There's something about the very name of this recipe that makes the Southern husband perk up no matter what kind of mood he is in.  Did the Yankees lose? (yes, he is a Yankee fan, don't ask me because I have no idea why)...drunken steak.  Is the smoke alarm chirping AGAIN even though he just got on a ladder and replaced the dang battery?  Drunken steak.  I could go on, but you get my general drift that drunken steak is the cure for whatever ails you.  Promise. Read More & Get the Recipe

Buttered Steak

buttered steak

This is a recipe that I make, oh once a year or so, after we have been very good about eating lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains and have walked 10,000 steps a day for days.  After we have done all that, once in a blue moon I will make buttered steak.  Which is just what it sounds like - a really nice steak that is pan-seared, and then finished off with a nice, generous pat of butter mixed with some chopped herbs.  The butter quickly melts all over the hot steak and oh my MY.  Read More & Get the Recipe

Buttermilk Grilled Steak

Buttermilk grilled steak

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite recipes on this here site is the one for buttermilk grilled chicken, and I've gotten lots of emails from folks telling them that it is their favorite way to make grilled chicken too.  (It gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling to know that there's a nice big posse of folks all united in their love of buttermilk grilled chicken.)  Anyway, I figured what's good for the chicken might be good for the steak as well.  It couldn't hurt to try, right?  Yep.  It definitely didn't hurt. Read More & Get the Recipe

One Bowl Suppers: Steak, Farro and Roasted Tomatoes


This is my first one of what will become an ongoing series of One Bowl Suppers that feature a mixture of meat or fish or poultry, a whole grain, a roasted or steamed veggie, some kind of greens, and some kind of interesting topping.    The Southern husband and I are going to have one of these suppers once a will be like a combination of cleaning out the pantry and freezer and going on an adventure into the land of vegetables that we rarely eat...and I'm sure some of these suppers will will have us running for the pizza delivery number.  But I also know some of them will be scrumptious, and this first one definitely was! Read More & Get the Recipe