Loaded Potato Soup


So, I have to kick off this particular post by telling you about one of my new favorite blogs, which is the place I found this fast and fabulous soup. The blog is called Ezra Pound Cake, and the name alone had me at hello. It's full of terrific recipes and even more terrific color commentary, and it's one of the blogs I go to as much for the entertaining writing as for the scrumptious dinner inspiration. Anyway, I found this soup when I was wandering around the site the other day, and it totally lived up to my fondest hopes and dreams: in other words, it is basically like eating the soup version of some really fantastic mashed potatoes. Which is my personal idea of heaven, so I was in a place of perfect happiness for as long as the soup lasted. Smooth, thick, creamy, with bits of cheese and bacon and green onion....is your mouth watering yet?  And to make it even more wonderful, it is a snap to make. Cook up a few potatoes in your microwave (I used Yukon golds, which worked Read More & Get the Recipe