Mexican Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Mexican Slow Cooker Pot Roast

It's coming up on May 5th, and you know what that means!  It's almost Cinco de Mayo! In our house, it also means the day my brother and sister-in-law got married in Ireland, because nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a beautiful Irish wedding (Happy almost Anniversary, guys!), but in case you would rather celebrate the more traditional way, I've been saving up a Irish girl's version of a Mexican recipe for you.  It's a spicy shredded pot roast that cooks up all day in your slow cooker in a mixture of beer and chili powder and other good things, and that you can have with all the traditional toppings.  It's probably the furthest thing from being authentically Mexican that you can find - but man, does it taste good! Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

slow cooker french dip sandwich

French dip sandwiches are usually something I order every once in a blue moon from a diner menu.  If you haven't yet had the scrumptious experience of a french dip, it's basically a sandwich piled high with thin sliced roast beef, and it comes with a little bowl of beef juices that, yup, you are supposed to dip the sandwich into bite by bite.  Heaven, heaven, heaven.  And a plate of heaven that I decided to figure out a slow cooker version of that I could make at home, because around these parts it has turned into The Winter That Wouldn't End.  Which is as good a reason as any to make french dip sandwiches, especially ones that simmer all day long in the slow cooker. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tacos

slow cooker chicken teriyaki

I heard on the news the other night that it was the 75th anniversary of the slow cooker.  I'm basically up for any excuse to use my slow cooker, and 75 years of low and slow deliciousness seemed like the perfect excuse to cook up a slow cooker-full of tender, spicy, creamy shredded chicken, just right for spooning into warmed tortillas and garnishing with a little Sriracha, sour cream and chopped scallions.   My best advice on this one?  Make enough for leftovers - you are going to want 'em. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

slow cooker chicken teriyaki

It might be my imagination, but somehow there seems to be something magic in my slow cooker that makes things taste that much more delicious than their traditional stovetop versions.  It might be magic, or it might be the fact that whatever it is gets to simmer away all day long, low and slow in whatever sauces and seasonings you have in the slow cooker.  Take this chicken teriyaki for example.  It spends all day in a bath of soy sauce and sugar and ginger and onion, and at the end of eight hours it is tangy tender deliciousness. Plus the kitchen smells like teriyaki heaven.  I'm going back to my original theory about the magic. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Tomato Ravioli Soup

slow cooker tomato ravioli soup

Well, we made it to the other side of almost all the holidays (I know, I know, New Year's Eve)...are we tired yet?  Happily, merrily, deliciously tired?  Are we wishing that somehow dinner would magically cook itself, and that it would be full of warm, tomatoey, cheesy goodness?  Well, you DO have to get out the slow cooker and you DO have to put a few things in it, but aside from that, this slow cooker tomato ravioli soup is your post-holiday wish come true! Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Pulled Pork

Slow cooker brown sugar pulled pork

Pork has always been a little bit of a challenge for me.  I seem to have this magical ability to take a perfectly lovely piece of pork and cook it so that it is, well, DRY.  And so pork and I tend to avoid each other until the Southern husband reminds me that he does love pork for supper every once in a while, and then I give the old college try one more time.  And just to prove that the whole if at first you don't succeed thing is actually sometimes true, please meet a plate of tender, sweet, I can't believe I finally did it slow cooker brown sugar pulled pork.  Oh Happy Day! Read More & Get the Recipe