Slow-Cooked Mustard Short Ribs


Here's how it goes with me and short ribs: I see them on a menu, along with something else that looks tempting.  I agonize, and then ask the Southern husband if he is thinking about ordering the short ribs.  He's not, but he has been through this one million times before and so he does, and I order the other thing.  Our dinner comes and I have complete buyer's remorse about not ordering the short ribs, so we swap.  Which is one of the many, many reasons I was so happy to make this easy and delicious short rib recipe at home, because for once, we actually BOTH got to have short ribs. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooked Short Ribs with Carrots and Apples


Here's how things go when the Southern husband and I go out to dinner someplace where there are short ribs on the menu: I look at the menu and spot the short ribs. Then I see something else that seems almost as good as the short ribs. Then I agonize about how much I want the short ribs, but I've had short ribs so many times and haven't had whatever that other thing is on the menu nearly as much. Then I ask the Southern husband Read More & Get the Recipe

Shredded Short Ribs with Pappardelle


A little while ago, a box arrived in my mailbox that was filled with these. Yes, bags of pappardelle from the Al Dente pasta company in Michigan.  They had emailed to me ask if I might be interested in trying out some of their pasta, and I am a girl who can't say no to pasta.  So I said yes please, and it happened to coincide with a Jamie Oliver recipe I had been dying to try for slow-cooked meat over, yes, pappardelle,  so the whole thing seemed like fate. First the recipe.  It called for slow-cooking meat in a mixture of red wine, chopped carrots and celery and red onions and herbs, with some plum tomatoes and barley thrown in for good measure.  The interesting part of this was that the recipe gave you COMPLETELY free rein over whatever kind of meat you chose.   It suggested everything from venison to wild boar to squab to rabbit to beef. I can't cook venison.  Venison cavorts through my yard on a regular basis.  On one occasion, we had a baby that couldn't jump the stone Read More & Get the Recipe