Grilled Rosemary Scallops

Grilled Rosemary Skewers

It may not be OFFICIALLY summertime yet, but as far as our grill is concerned the season is in full swing.  We've already grilled pizza, steak, burgers, and last week I pulled out the seafood grilling pan, cleaned it off and grilled us up some scallops wrapped in prosciutto, skewered not with regular old skewers.  Nope, we skewered them with stalks of rosemary to give them even a little more summertime vibe.  Read More & Get the Recipe

Scallops with Apples


Oh my goodness, does the Southern husband love scallops.  Big scallops, little scallops, scallops wrapped in bacon, scallops with breadcrumb sauce - the guy has never met a scallop dish he doesn't love with a purple passion.  And since I love him with a purple passion, I always try and fix up scallops on a regular basis.  This time I went with the teeny little bay scallops with some green apple and walnuts, just to give it a little bit of a cozy wintertime feel. Read More & Get the Recipe

Brown Butter Scallops with Crispy Breadcrumbs


Scallops are one of the Southern husband's favorites.  As for me, they are way behind a whole bunch of their seafood compatriots, including shrimp, tuna, mussels and of course lobster.  So the Southern husband doesn't get scallops as often as I'm sure he would like to...until now.  Because as it turns out, when you cook scallops in browned butter and serve them with bread crumbs that have been baked with a little olive oil and white wine, they vault right to the top of the seafood charts! Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Bacon Scallops

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 1.07.36 PM

As you may have heard me say a few times over the past few weeks, we are renovating our kitchen.  As in, I have no stovetop, no oven, no sink, no dishwasher, no get the drift.  But I do have a grill, and over the past few weeks I've been taking it as my own personal challenge to make something other than cheeseburgers on it.  Since I have no sink (did I mention that?) these have to be things that don't require mixing bowls or anything similar, since I took a solemn vow that I would not, I repeat NOT, wash any dishes in the bathtub.  At any rate, among the various things you can make on the grill with no muss, no fuss and no kitchen, are the grilled variation of the Southern husband's favorite appetizer: scallops wrapped in bacon! Read More & Get the Recipe

Scallops in Maple-Glazed Bacon


Every once in a while (not too often, mind you!) I get a little stumped about what to make for dinner next.  Not that I don't have a towering stack of ideas in my "to-make" folder - I do! - but nothing speaks to me.  When that happens I tend to ask the Southern husband if he is especially yearning for anything in particular, and he always seems to be yearning for the same thing.  Scallops.  He adores scallops, especially the big juicy sea scallop kind.  So after I asked this question recently, and he once again answered "scallops," it occurred to me that I had never made my own version of the old classic scallops wrapped in bacon. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chilled Seafood Pasta Salad with Ginger Yogurt Dressing


Cool pasta salad is one of my very very favorite things to make on a hot summer evening.  You get all of the satisfaction of an honest to goodness supper, all in a delicious, refreshing plateful.  And when you add in some tender seafood and a ginger dressing with just the right amount of bite to it, all the cares of your hazy hot and humid day will vanish away.  Promise. Read More & Get the Recipe