Easy Shrimp Fried Rice

shrimp fried rice

One of the best things about ordering Chinese food is that they always send it with lots of rice.  And one of the best things about having extra rice is that it pretty much requires you to make shrimp fried rice sometime in the next few days.  And one of the best things about making shrimp fried rice is that it is one of the easiest, most flexible suppers you can make.  The rice and the shrimp and the sauce are mandatory, but after that you can toss in pretty much whatever veggies you have lurking in your fridge and they are going to fit right it.  Peas, spinach, asparagus...you name it.  Let's make some! Read More & Get the Recipe

Spinach Vichyssoise

spinach vichyssoise

The hardest thing about making spinach vichyssoise is spelling the word vichyssoise.  I have been down the vichyssoise road before, and honestly, that's the thing that always gives me pause.  Not the making of this cool, creamy, bursting with early summer flavor soup.  Nope, the fact that one day I will be sitting in front of my computer wanting to tell you all about it, and dreading the fact that I will have to type out V I S H Y S S O I S E approximately triple the number of times you will actually read it, because of all the back-spacing and correcting.  But since YOU will probably not have to type it out once, this whole experience is going to be delectably easy and delicious!  Here's why. Read More & Get the Recipe

Lime and Ginger Steak

line ginger flank steak

In my last post I went on and on and on about how it was getting to be springtime and how that meant fresh herbs were not far behind and how much I adore the taste of fresh herbs in my recipes and so on and so on.  Today I'm going to bend your ear about the other wonderful thing about not having multiple feet of snow in your hard, and that is grilling. GRILLING IS BACK.  As in, steak that has been marinated in lime juice and fresh ginger and scallions and olive oil and grilled outside until it is tender and juicy and served with some extra lime wedges on the side. It's like a steak margarita.  I speak from having very limited margarita experience (I am a merlot girl) but I think if steak was a margarita, this would be it. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

slow cooker chicken teriyaki

It might be my imagination, but somehow there seems to be something magic in my slow cooker that makes things taste that much more delicious than their traditional stovetop versions.  It might be magic, or it might be the fact that whatever it is gets to simmer away all day long, low and slow in whatever sauces and seasonings you have in the slow cooker.  Take this chicken teriyaki for example.  It spends all day in a bath of soy sauce and sugar and ginger and onion, and at the end of eight hours it is tangy tender deliciousness. Plus the kitchen smells like teriyaki heaven.  I'm going back to my original theory about the magic. Read More & Get the Recipe

Cheesy Ramen with Poached Egg

cheesy ramen with poached egg

We all secretly love ramen.  Some of us (raises hand!) love it not so secretly, partly because it brings back warm and fuzzy memories of subsisting on it during those heady post-college days when we were young and crazy and ramen was all we could afford, and partly because it tastes so dang good.  SO dang good that it's hard to believe that anything could make its naughty taste better.  But you know what can?  Melted cheese, a little butter and a poached egg.  THAT'S what can.  Read More & Get the Recipe

Smashed Potatoes


There is a fabulous barbecue joint near our house that is one of the ways the Southern husband keeps his Southernness intact. They have every kind of barbecue that you can think of, but the Southern husband is a faithful guy, and he never deviates from his one order.  To the point that when the waiter comes over and asks for his order, the Southern daughter and I say in unison with him, "burnt end sandwich with smashed and coleslaw!"  And by smashed he means their scrumptious, slightly chunky, totally delicious version of mashed potatoes.  So one day in an attempt to recreate them at home, I got me a bunch of small red-skinned potatoes and got to work. Read More & Get the Recipe