Cookie Sheet Clambake!

cookie sheet clambake

I should start out by confessing right here and now that I have never in my life been to an actual clambake.  I think they involve things like digging a hole in the sand, and wrapping things in seaweed, and other feats that I know I am never, ever going to pull off.  Not unless someone invites me to a clambake and tells me exactly what to do.  I would make a great clambake assistant, I think.  But since there are no clambake invitations on my calendar, and since I know they involve clams which I do love, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own clambake.  INSIDE.  With a cookie sheet instead of a pit.  So with apologies to the clambake purists out there, here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Bangers and Mash

bangers and mash

Happy Saint Patrick's Day one and all (or as my Irish mama calls it, The Day!)'s finally here, and I know all of you are Irish today regardless of where your ancestors hail from.  Mine hail from Ireland, which is why you won't catch me wearing any green today.  My Irish grandmother Aileen alway said to me, "Kate, you should never wear green on Saint Patrick's Day because you don't need to - you have Irish blood in your veins!"  I do eat all the Irish food around me though, including my mama's scones and brown bread, and of course the classic corned beef and colcannon.  But if you want to mix things up a little on The Day, you could also do bangers and mash.  These are just as much English as they are Irish, which introduces a little harmony as well.  Plus they are easy and delicious, especially when you top them with a little onion gravy. Read More & Get the Recipe

Baked Taco Fritatta


I do love me a good omelet, and I wish I was one of those people who could make a good omelet.  I'm not.  I'm one of those people who try to make a good omelet, but end up making something that looks more like scrambled eggs with stuff in them.  It tastes fine, but it's not very handsome.  Which is why I think I love frittatas so much...especially the oven baked kind.  No battling with your frying pan, just fluffy delicious eggs filled with scrumptious insides.  In this case, chorizo sausage, jack cheese, taco sauce and crushed tortilla chips. Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Seafood Packets


I used to be very wary of anything that combined seafood with my grill. Oh sure, I had all the stuff that’s supposed to keep it from sticking to the grill like a magnet (yes, I have that grill basket shaped like a fish…somewhere…), but this particular recipe takes a different approach that makes it pretty dang foolproof. In this case, you are not putting your beautiful seafood right on the grill. Nope, you are putting them into nice little foil packets that steam your shrimp and scallops into perfection. Read More & Get the Recipe

Penne with Tomatoes, Soppressata and Diced Mozzarella


Okay, before I start going on and on and on about this recipe and how much I love it (and I do!), first I have to go a little about the plate it's on.  So first let me show you the plate before it was covered in Italian pasta wonderfulness. This plate is part of my ever-growing collection of pottery from Nicholas Mosse.  It all started with one mug that my mother brought me back from Ireland, and it has grown from there.  Mug, plates, bowls, candlesticks, platters, you name it.  It's taking over my house, and I love it.  But this particular plate is my favorite.  I have no idea why. Nicholas Mosse has a studio in Kilkenny, Ireland...which my coincidence is not far from where my ancestral family home is.  And by even FURTHER's for sale!  My ancestral home, not the Nicholas Mosse studio. It's tempting.  It's very tempting.  However, I keep pausing on the fact that the real estate description refers to a "ruined castle" on the premises, and I'm almost positive Read More & Get the Recipe

Low Country Boil Kabobs


One of the many, many advantages of being married to a Southern man is that you learn about the complete fabulousness of something called Low Country Boil.  It's also sometimes known as Frogmore Stew (based on the hometown of the National Guardsman that invented it).  The town of Frogmore was eliminated by the Postal Service and incorporated into the nearby Beaufort, and the name of the recipe officially changed to Low Country Boil.  This is your culinary history lesson of the day. Anyway, the way this usually works is that you boil up baby potatoes with a seafood seasoning, and then add the sausage, the corn and then the shrimp as time rolls on so that everything is cooked up perfectly.  Then you drain the whole thing and dump it all onto a platter and let folks dig in...forks optional.  We always have this a few times during the summer, so when I saw this version that called for adding the grill into the mix, my antenna went up.  I always do love to shake up a recipe that I've Read More & Get the Recipe