Shortcut Fried Chicken Salad

shortcut fried chicken salad

Things I am not shy about include the following:  That I am totally willing to put bacon into pretty much anything, including all forms of dessert.  That I keep a bag of puffed Cheetos in my house at all times in case of, you know, emergency.  Puffed, not the crunchy kind.  That every once in a while, it is okay to serve your family Frito Chili Pie for dinner, so long as you make them something super-healthy both the day before and the day after.  And that there is a time and place for working KFC chicken into your fried chicken salad, and that if you do, your fried chicken salad is going to taste all kinds of magnificent. Read More & Get the Recipe

Flaked Salmon with Sesame Noodles

flaked salmon with sesame noodles

The Southern husband and I have a crush on salmon lately.  I've made it with buttered wine sauce, and I've roasted it with honey mustard.  Last week I soaked it in bourbon, and before that I made a smoked salmon and cream cheese pizza.  But I think my favorite of all of these is this super easy flaked salmon with sesame noodles.  The salmon is in little tender chunks, the noodles are in a zippy little sesame oil and soy sauce bath, and there's some chopped romaine for crunch.  And some black sesame seeds because I have them in my spice drawer and sometimes I just NEED to sprinkle black sesame seeds on things. Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Bistro Salad

Grilled Bistro Salad

  I do love me a good bistro salad.  Bistro salad is usually a conglomeration of greens, with soft-cooked eggs and little bits of bacon with some kind of light, usually mustardy dressing.  It's the perfect lunch or light supper. So I got to thinking...what if the bacon was in strips instead of little pieces?  What if the bacon was cooked on the grill?  What if the LETTUCE was popped on the grill for a few minutes?  The answer:  Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster Caesar Salad


Here in beautiful northern New Jersey we are currently smack dab in the middle of a hazy, hot, humid, 90 degrees for days and days and days in a row heat wave.  The kind of heat wave you remember fondly in February, the kind of heat wave that makes it impossible to to even THINK of turning on your oven or anything else that might possible raise the temperature in your kitchen even one measly degree.  The kind of heat wave that means salad for dinner.  Every night.  And so if you are going to have salad for dinner, you might as well throw caution to the wind and have Salad For Dinner.  I'm talking cool, extravagant, you-only-go-around-once Lobster Caesar Salad for dinner. Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Caesar Salad


I know, you are looking at that picture up there and you are thinking, she's finally eaten one too many piece of bacon and is now putting LETTUCE on her grill instead of in a nice normal salad bowl where it belongs.  And I have to tell you I was all kinds of skeptical before I actually took the plunge and grilled my Caesar salad. But it's one of those things where I started hearing about it and seeing recipes for it all around me, and one day I just went for it.  And now?  Now I think I may never go back. Read More & Get the Recipe