Spring Vegetable Risotto with Poached Egg


I'm finally starting to believe that the Long Winter of 2014 might actually, really, potentially be over.  My mom's daffodils are finally up.  I can see little tiny buds on our cherry tree.  The 12 foot mound of snow that has been in our driveway for months has melted into nothing.  And so visions of spring veggies are dancing in my head...and in this particular vision, they are nestled into a creamy risotto with a poached egg melting into the whole thing.  That's a good vision, right?  Let's make it a reality. Read More & Get the Recipe

Breakfast Risotto


It's Christmas Eve!  And whether you celebrate today or tomorrow, somewhere in the holiday merriment you are going to want a festive breakfast that gives you some delicious strength for the unwrapping and oohing and aahing and possible a trip or two to the mall to exchange things.  And for all that, I highly recommend this breakfast risotto chock-full of creamy rice with bacon, egg and artichoke hearts.  Just the right amount of easy mixed with fancy mixed with scrumptious. Read More & Get the Recipe

Bacon and Leek Risotto with Poached Egg


Before I get started on this bacon leek risotto with poached egg, let's talk for a second about leeks.  I love 'em...they are delicious and spring-like, and they can rev up a dish in a way that is more delicate than your plain old garden variety onion ever could. (Sorry, onions.)  But have you ever noticed that is pretty much impossible to buy just one? Read More & Get the Recipe

Spring Vegetable Risotto


Yes, I realize it is a little late in the year to be posting something called Spring Vegetable Risotto.  I could have completely cheated and changed the title of the recipe to Summer Vegetable Risotto, because honestly, all the wonderful veggies that make up this scrumptious dish are around all summer long, but I have to be straight with you and just admit that I am, well, a little behind in terms of getting my recipes up in a timely manner.    That's what I get for being an obsessive cook!  But truly, you can make this one anytime between April and September and still get the benefit of all the fabulous flavors.  There are peas... I actually used fresh ones because I had some, but the recipe calls for frozen, so don't worry if you hadn't planned to spend your day shelling peas.  (Full disclosure: the Southern husband shelled the peas.  My honesty continues.) There's also asparagus... And leeks. Side note: when I was a kid, either my mom or my grandmother, can't remember Read More & Get the Recipe

Carrot Parmesan Risotto


Sometimes you come home from work, and all you want is a nice hot bowl of something comforting.   And at the same time, you don't want your supper to be, well, boring.  And those are the nights that call for risotto.  don'tbe intimidated by all those recipes that tell you that you MUST stir risotto constantly for 30 minutes or until your stirring arm falls off, whichever comes first, because I am here to tell you that is NOT true.  Not.  True.  You can make perfectly heavenly risotto by only stirring it here and there, I promise you. This particular risotto starts with a base of red onion and shredded carrots that you saute for a few minutes in just the teeniest amount of butter.    This is the perfect recipe to make when those first carrots start popping up at your local farmer's market. Now toss in some rice...if you have the arborio variety that is great, but I actually used a nice basmati rice because that is what I happened to have on hand at the moment and it worked out Read More & Get the Recipe

Welsh Rarebit Risotto


I hit the jackpot this Christmas with cookbooks - everything from the spectacular ALINEA, which is more of a fine art collection of the most glorious food photographs that I have ever seen in my life, to the book and DVD set of HAMBURGER AMERICA, which the Southern husband and I will be cuddling up together to watch very soon. But the one cookbook I cracked open first was from my oldest friend, who is always looking out for my health and well-being. She sent me a copy of MOOSEWOOD RESTAURANT SIMPLE SUPPERS, which is a collection of deliciously healthy, wonderfully simple meals that can be tossed together pretty much within my rigid weekday timeframe of 30 minutes or less. So naturally the first one I started with was the Welsh Rarebit Risotto. I am a big Welsh Rarebit fan, and the thought of turning this classic comfort food into a risotto...I just couldn't resist. And since it was from the healthy living folks at Moosewood, it included not only the classic rarebit ingredient of Read More & Get the Recipe