Zucchini Pasta with Ricotta

pasta with zucchini and ricotta

So, how's the zucchini out by you these days?  Here in sultry New Jersey it has us surrounded, which is as good an excuse as any to make this zucchini pasta with ricotta recipe ...and which in turn lets me indulge two of my favorite things to do; using my lethal weapon of a mandoline, and making yet another pot of fresh ricotta.  Neither one of which should scare you off, since you can make this dish perfectly nicely with a regular knife and ricotta from the store, but I'm just saying. Read More & Get the Recipe

Spring Vegetable and Ricotta Tartines

spring vegetable tartine

It is April 2nd, and we are supposed to be surrounded by lambs and crocuses at this point, and all I will say is that there is still snow on my driveway.  Stubborn, icy, not going anywhere soon piles of snow.   And so I have decided to fight back with tartines.  Golden, crispy tartines spread with fresh ricotta cheese and topped with baby green peas and roasted green asparagus and drizzled with olive oil, and did I mention they had lots of springtime green on them?  Maybe I can nosh my way to spring.  Hey, at this point I will try anything! Read More & Get the Recipe

Ricotta Tomato Toasts

ricotta tomato toast

My cooking in the summertime is all about two things.  First, use as much of the delicious local produce as humanly possible before it is suddenly February and those tomatoes and peaches and fresh herbs are just a wistful memory.  And secondly, get in and out of the kitchen as fast as you can, because it's hot, and it's summer, and you belong outside on the patio under the umbrella with a wine spritzer.  And some ricotta tomato toasts! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lasagna Soup!


Here's the thing about lasagna and cooking when there are only two people living in your house.  You can't do it.  Well, you CAN do it, if you are up for eating lasagna for a solid week straight, but there's no reasonable way (that I have yet discovered) to cook lasagna for two the traditional way.  So until my Southern daughter and all her hordes of friends come back from college for the summer, I'm just going to have to be untraditional.  As in, I'm turning that lasagna into a hearty, warm and wonderful soup. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pasta with Salami and Ricotta


Here comes another one of those gazing into the refrigerator wondering what on earth you can make you make for dinner out of the bits and pieces currently residing in there suppers.  And I don't know about you, but sometimes a few minutes or two meditating into the depths of the fridge produces some of our most creative and scrumptious dinners.  For example, pasta with chunks of salty salami, creamy ricotta and sweet little baby peas.  An impromptu match made in heaven! Read More & Get the Recipe

Ricotta Omelets


I do love a nice cheese omelet!  And while the classic omelet filled with cheddar cheese is always wonderful, lately I've been loving this lighter version that uses light and creamy ricotta cheese in place of the cheddar.  There's something about the fluffy eggs and the gentle taste of ricotta that  works just perfectly, especially when the whole thing is topped with a generous spoonful of sweet sauteed cherry tomatoes.  It's a cheese omelet extreme makeover! Read More & Get the Recipe