Pumpkin Pudding Cake Bites


Okay, let me break it to you right now...this recipe is going to require a trip to Dunkin Donuts.  For Munchkins.  Yes, this blog, the same blog that pesters you relentlessly about making your own ricotta cheese, making your own butter, making your own pickles, this same blog is now giving you a recipe where one of the required ingredients is a Munchkin.  You can't say I don't keep you on your toes.  What can I say...there are just some recipes where Munchkins are required, and pumpkin pudding cake bites, that's one of them. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins


Well, 'tis the season!  Falling leaves, the first fire in the fireplace, and the kids are getting serious about their Halloween costumes.  Personally, I'm fighting a losing battle with the giant aisle of Halloween candy in the supermarket, and the Southern husband isn't helping any by bringing home a three pound bag of fun-sized versions from Costco.  It's time to throw in the towel and make adorable pumpkin doughnut muffins. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Cranberry Granola


This past weekend we got into the Halloween spirit in the one way guaranteed to bring out the autumn merriness in everyone.  We went to the pumpkin patch with my adorable nephew, aka the cutest little boy on the Planet Earth.  It was a gorgeous, crisp fall day.  The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and there were pumpkins as far as the eye can see.  There's nothing like a good old pumpkin to brighten your day, especially if you are one-and-a-half. "Mama, look at this PUMPKIN!!!" There were farm animals to be petted... There were funny wooden cut-outs that you could put your adorable little face into... There were, of course, pumpkins... And to top it all off, there were apple cider donuts to be eaten.  I mean seriously...does life get ANY better than this? I don't think so! By the end of the pumpkin patch adventure I was in a complete pumpkin trance.  Luckily I had in my possession a recipe from the ever wonderful Two Peas and Their Pod blog for pumpkin Read More & Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Slow Cooker Soup


Okay, so 'tis the season!  And by that, I mean Pumpkin Season:  Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Bread, and let's not forget Pumpkin Pie Cookie Bars, one of my first and best posts on this little blog.  But out of all of these, there's nothing quite like a warm, thick, delicious pumpkin soup, made from an actual pumpkin. Now if I am being perfectly honest, that is one of those little decorative pumpkins from our local farmer's market, but he was just so dang photogenic that I had to take his picture.  He's not what you want for this scrumptious soup...for the soup you want a sugar pumpkin, which are actually not that hard to find in your garden-variety supermarket at this time of year.  Pick out a nice medium-sized one. The next trick is to get someone else to cut up that pumpkin into nice little chunks.  I have a handsome Southern husband that I draft for this sort of stuff - it's definitely the hardest part of the whole recipe.   You cut the stem off as you would if you were carving it into Read More & Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Apple Walnut Stuffed French Toast

pumpkin apple stuffed french toast

This recipe is the living breathing proof that you can find a good recipe pretty much anywhere you go if you just pay attention. I work in the heart of midtown Manhattan, and every morning instead of doing the healthy, responsible thing and walking from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to my office, I hop into a taxi. It's my one commuting indulgence -- I don't stop at Starbucks, I don't pick up a giant New York City bagel with cream cheese (although I WANT to. I really do.) But I do jump right into that cab every morning. And those of you lucky to have taken a New York taxi lately know that they have installed these little television screens in the back of each one. They give you the weather (thank you!), a lot of ads (really??? I really have to listen to ads on my cab ride, too??) and every once in a while, a little news story that you are actually interested in. Last week it was a story about this wonderful-sounding restaurant called The Turning Point, located on the New Jersey Read More & Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Walnut Fudge


Yes, yes...we all know how wonderful pumpkin pie is, and pumpkin bread, and pumpkin muffins. And of course, when you add bacon to pumpkin you are pretty much on an express train to heaven. But up until now, I had not tasted true pumpkin nirvana, and now I have, and its name is Pumpkin Walnut Fudge. Let me start by saying that this recipe calls for 12 ounces of white chocolate, and an Entire Jar of marshmallow creme, which us regular folks know as Fluff. So if you are looking for the health food blog, you are in the wrong place. But oh, mama...it does taste good.This recipe is adapted from one I found on Recipe Girl, who sounds like someone I would love to hang out with, just from her name alone...and she has some rocking great recipes on her site...check out her link on my blogroll. Anyway, the only significant change I made to her fabulous recipe was to add about a cup of chopped walnuts, which I both stirred in and sprinkled on to the top. This recipe does involve a candy Read More & Get the Recipe