Warm Ham and Potato Salad

warm potato ham salad

We are smack in the middle of fresh vegetable season...they have us surrounded, and I love it.  I'm looking for any and all ways to fresh-vegetable-up every meal we have, and this is one of my new favorite ways of dealing with the piles and piles of fresh green beans.  I buy them by the boatload at our local farm market, and while I am perfectly content to crunch on them just as they are, they are also the perfect mix-in with ham, baby potatoes and a light mustard dressing.  Quick and easy and summertime delicious! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster Potato Salad

lobster potato salad

Hello, lobster potato salad season!  We've flipped the thermostat over from Heat to Cool, and there have officially been several days that have warmed their way into the 80's, and in our house that means dinner salads are going to show up regularly on the menu.  And since potato salad and lobster in absolutely any form are two of my favorite things, I am officially declaring dinner salad season open with a combo of the two.  This version of lobster potato salad also features cheery crunchy celery, a handful of chives and a super easy sour cream mustard white wine dressing.  Because when you declare dinner salad season open, you want to do it in STYLE. Read More & Get the Recipe

Cream Cheese and Chive Potato Soup

cream cheese chive potato soup

We've just been liberated from the 8 inches of snow that just fell on us (there's nothing more exciting than the sound of the plow truck coming to set you free!) and now they are telling us a possible blizzard is bearing down on us.  I mean, really.  I know it is January and all, but I think one major snowstorm a week is plenty.  But since nobody is consulting with me, the only thing I can do about it is make soup.  Lots and lots of warm and wonderful soup.  Soup with potatoes and carrots and cream cheese and chives.  Soup with BACON.  Let's make soup! Read More & Get the Recipe

Bacon and Egg Baked Potatoes

bacon and egg baked potatoes

There are so many things to love about bacon and egg baked potatoes.  Obviously the creamy egg that cooks in the potato.  Obviously the BACON.  But not so obviously, the fabulous fact that you scoop out the potato insides, mash them up with some butter and milk and salt and pepper and smush just enough of them back into the potato to make a nice little bed for your egg to cook in.  And that means that each bite is full of egg and bacon and mashed potato.  Boom. Read More & Get the Recipe

Potato Caesar Salad

potato caesar salad

Summer, you are finally here.  After the longest winter EVER, we've finally reached those lazy, hazy days.  Days full of swimming pools and beaches and leaving the windows open at night.  And of course days and evenings full of barbecue lunches and suppers.  Steaks and burgers and chicken on the grill, with potato salad and green salad on the side.  The only thing that could possibly make things better might be to put the potato salad and the green salad together.  As in Potato Caesar salad! Read More & Get the Recipe

One Bowl Suppers: Tuna with Spinach, Potatoes and Radishes


Welcome to the latest in my series of One Bowl Suppers!  If you are just tuning in to this channel now, the Southern husband and I are having a weekly one bowl supper that features a whole grain, a protein, some kind of greens, some kind of colorful veggie and a drizzle of dressing.  We've experimented so far with steak, with seared tuna and with salmon, and this time we gave jarred tuna a go.  And once again, experimenting with a completely made-up-at-the-drop-of-a-hat combo of flavors and ingredients didn't let us down! Read More & Get the Recipe