The Best Steak and Eggs!

steak and eggs

Steak and eggs is one of those things that never tempts me on a menu.  It's mainly found on breakfast menus, and at that time of the morning I am more of a french toast girl, or a pancake girl, or at most a eggs and corned beef hash girl.  But we were recently at one of our favorite restaurants, and they had it as a appetizer on the dinner menu.  I still wasn't tempted.  But the Southern husband didn't even think twice - he pounced.  And when it came, it changed my entire way of thinking about steak and eggs.  It doesn't have to be a giant piece of steak topped with two fried eggs (although if that's the way you like your steak and eggs, go for it!).  Nope, it can be a small tender piece of beef topped with one perfect poached egg, with a little green thrown in there.  Whole steak and egg vistas have opened for me! Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Crispy Breadcrumbs

beef stew with crispy bread crumbs

I have never, and I mean never, met a beef stew that I couldn't make friends with.  When it comes to beef stew I am basically just a girl who can't say no...but I do have certain requirements.  And my biggest one?  NO POTATOES.  Nope.  I love potatoes in many scenarios, but not in my beef stew...they get too soggy, and even if you put them in towards the end of the cooking process, they just take up too much room.  Nope, I like my beef stew carbs in other this case, via some crispy breadcrumbs on the top and some creamy polenta on the bottom.  Mmmmmm. Read More & Get the Recipe

Meatballs Over Polenta

meatballs over polenta

What is it about meatballs that makes us love them so much?  I mean really, they are just another form of hamburger/meatloaf/etc...but we all fall hard for meatballs.  It's got to be their adorable little bite-sized-ness, I'm guessing.  But whatever it is, my radar is perennially up for the next great way to make meatballs yet again for supper.  And while I will always be devoted to the classic spaghetti-and-meatballs, I think this polenta version just might be my new favorite. Read More & Get the Recipe

Shrimp Marinara with Polenta


This is one of those dishes that looks like you planned and labored over it for hours.  Hours, I tell you!  Please don't tell anyone that (including making the homemade marinara sauce) it will take you about 30 minutes.  Yup, 30 minutes is all that is standing between you and some tender shrimp bathed in marinara sauce and nestled in a warm and wonderful bowl of creamy polenta.  (Side note: I have a secret craving to write menu descriptions - can you tell?  I would totally order something described as tender shrimp bathed in marinara sauce and nestled in a warm and wonderful bowl of creamy polenta.)  But since I don't have a restaurant, the Southern husband is just going to have to fill in as the one who gets to hear my dramatic descriptions.  So let's go make it! Read More & Get the Recipe

Polenta with Corn and Thyme


Polenta!  I think of it as the neglected side dish.  Sure, potatoes and pasta and rice are all wonderful in their ways, but they get all the love and attention, side dish-wise, and that poor old box of cornmeal sits neglected on the shelf day after day…so here I am to speak up for polenta in all its easy, creamy, dreamy wonderfulness. Read More & Get the Recipe

Soft Polenta with Sweet Tomato Sauce


So, there are comfort foods, and then there are Comfort Foods.  Regular comfort foods are things like pastina with eggs, which will make you feel better as soon as you take the first bite, especially if you eat it out of a Peter Rabbit bowl.  However, there are days when just about everything seems upside down, and those are the days that call for Comfort Food with capital letters.  And soft, creamy polenta with a gently sweet tomato sauce is Comfort Food with capital letters. Read More & Get the Recipe