Feta Artichoke Pizza

feta artichoke pizza

This recipe for feta artichoke pizza came about once again from my "no ingredient left behind" rule, which stipulates that if I buy something for a recipe and don't use all of it up, I need to figure out another recipe that uses up the rest of whatever it was.  In this case, I had a lovely hunk of feta cheese in the fridge, and a bowl of cheery, sweet cherry tomatoes on my counter.  And so my mind goes where it frequently does in "no ingredient left behind" situations, and that is directly towards pizza.  Visions of pizza topped with feta cheese and pan-roasted cherry tomatoes began dancing in my head, and in the vision it was topped with marinated artichoke hearts and fresh chopped thyme and drizzled with olive oil. THE VISION HAD TO HAPPEN. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Potatoes

pepperoni pizza potato

I love baked potatoes with a ridiculous amount of love.  And my love for them spilleth over when they are topped or stuffed with other things I love, like eggs or taco spices or cheeseburger fixings.  I also love pizza with a ridiculous amount of love, so this recipe was inevitable.  Baked potato, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and just for good measure, some pepperoni.  Because if you are going to mash up your baked potato with your pizza, you might as well go the full monty! Read More & Get the Recipe

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pizza

smoked salmon and cream cheese pizza

So many many things to say about this little recipe.  Starting with the fact that it is basically a loaded bagel with cream cheese, but in pizza form.  And since my love for a bagel slathered with cream cheese and smoked salmon and other goodies runs neck and neck with my love for pizza in pretty much any form, this concoction pretty much leaves me weak in the knees.  Second, it is SO easy to make that it almost doesn't seem fair.  And third, it gives me a chance to show off my adorable cutting board from Vermont Creamery.  But more on them later...let's make pizza! Read More & Get the Recipe

Burrata Prosciutto Oregano Pizza

barrata prosciutto oregano pizza

One of the things I try really, really hard to do is to Leave No Ingredient Behind.  You know what I mean...you buy a container of something that you need for a recipe, you use whatever you need from it, and the rest of it looks at you reproachfully every time you open the fridge.  I have this issue constantly with leeks, which hang out in groups of three when I really only need one.  But ever since I set this challenge for myself, I have to say it's resulted in some unusual and scrumptious suppers that would never have happened any other way.  Take this burrata, prosciutto and oregano pizza, for example. Read More & Get the Recipe



Stromboli!  For those of you who have never had the delciousness that is stromboli (which I am going to say many thousands of times in this post because it is so darn fun to say),  it's basically the love child of pizza and calzone.  With a dash of the best sandwich you've ever tasted.  It's warm and cheesy and spicy and you can customize it pretty much every way you please...and it's ridiculously easy to make.  What's the catch?  THERE IS NO CATCH.   There is only...stromboli! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cheese and Honey Pizza

cheese honey pizza

I know, I know, you are thinking whaaat??  She's putting honey on her pizza?  But bear with me for a minute while I say three words to you.  Sweet And Salty.  The familiar cheesy melty salty taste of a thin crust white pizza, mixed with just a teeny hint of a drizzle of sweet honey.  I owe this all to the Southern husband, who loves white pizza above all others, and is a devoted to honey above all other sweet things.  One day it hit me that maybe, just maybe, those were two great tastes that could taste great together.  And Sweet and Salty came through for me again! Read More & Get the Recipe