French Silk Pie

French Silk Pie

Here comes the time of year when I start stockpiling those dessert recipes that seem a little too luxurious for the rest of the year, but absolutely required at this time of year.  Decadent, luscious, swirly chocolate luxury on a plate.  But here's the thing for me...with everything else going on between now and January 2nd when I swear off everything but celery, it has to be EASY.  And totally RELIABLE.  Because the two things I don't want to happen are to be spending all day making some elaborate concoction, and/or to have said concoction not come out okay.  Which is why I adore French Silk is swirly chocolately decadent lusciousness, and it is both easy and perfect every time. Read More & Get the Recipe

Peach Slab Pie

peach slab pie

[Tweet "The easiest peach pie recipe you will ever make! #pie #peaches"] A while back I made an apple slab pie that is so scrumptious and so much easier and more reliable than regular apple pie that I will probably only make apple slab pie for the rest of my life.  That was back in apple season, and right now we are just in the delicious beginning days of peach season.  If there is one thing I love even more dearly than homemade apple pie, it's sweet, melt-in--your-mouth peach pie made with local peaches.  And so I got to thinking...what's good for the apples might be good for the peaches, which is how this peach slab pie came to be! Read More & Get the Recipe

Taco Pie!


It's just about Cinco de Mayo, the one day of the year that we are required to eat delicious Mexican food!  Or something that at least approximates Mexican food, which if I am going to be totally honest is the case with this taco pie.  I'm not sure how authentic it is...probably 0%, if I had to put a number on it.  But it's delicious and spicy and involves taco sauce and tortilla chips and so I'm going with it.  That's what you get when an Irish girl does Mexican food.  But let me repeat: delicious! Read More & Get the Recipe

Peppermint Oreo Chiffon Pie


Oh, this peppermint Oreo chiffon pie!  It's a glorious, easy, no baking required concoction of Oreo cookie crust filled with chocolately, pepperminty chiffon, scattered with crushed peppermint candies for a little more minty taste and crunch.  It's Christmas on a plate.  And there is quite a saga with my own personal peppermint Oreo chiffon experience that will help your adventure in peppermint go much more smoothly.  Here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Vermont Apple Slab Pie


Apple slab pie you ask?  I know, the whole slab thing is a little questionable, but hang in there with me.  I've tried my hand at quite a few apple pies over the years, and they are tricky little devils. Sometimes the apple filling comes out soupy.  Lots of times the crust will crumble when I'm trying to serve up nice neat wedges.  Then there was the time my friend Lynne and I forgot to peel and core the apples.  (We were ten, before you start to wonder why you are reading this food blog.)  Well, I'm here to tell you that with the exception of that whole peel and core thing, apple slab pie solves all of those issues! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cherry Jam Hand Pies


I am always, always, always up for a nice warm slice of cherry pie.  However, now that it is just me and the Southern husband in the house these days, making an entire pie is not something I tend to do.  When you have loads of teenagers gallavanting in and out of your kitchen you can get away with making entire pies, and as soon as they all come home for the holidays I'll rev up the pie-baking.  In the meantime, however, I am making these individually delectable little cherry hand pies.  Read More & Get the Recipe