Easy Homemade Pickles!


I don't know what came over me one day, but I suddenly got this inescapable urge to make my own pickles.  Now mind you, I have never pickled, canned or preserved anything in my life.  My beloved collection of mason jars have been used exclusively for shaking up salad dressing and scrambled eggs, and for serving brownie cake with ice cream.  But somewhere along the line I heard that there was such a thing as refrigerator pickles...no boiling or canning or other intimidating things involved...and I was in! Read More & Get the Recipe

Pulled Pork Sliders with Blue Cheese Slaw


Okay, so it is a long, long, long time until summer.    My yard is covered in about two feet of snow as we speak, and my Southern-born hound dog is not happy about it.  She seems to forget from year to year that snow actually exists in the universe, and so the first time it reappears each winter she seems, well, confused.  And extremely devoted to the fireplace. But just because the weather outside is frightful, does that mean we can't have a little hint of summertime in the form of some good old BBQ?  Of course we can, and this recipe comes from an annual cookbook tradition in my house, and that is the CHRISTMAS WITH SOUTHERN LIVING cookbook - this time the 2010 version.  This book comes out every year, full of scrumptious recipes and decorating ideas, and while I found a number of things that were perfect for the holidays, there were also a handful of ideas for meals that are pretty tempting all year long.  Because who wouldn't want a pulled pork slider pretty much any day of Read More & Get the Recipe

Mussels Ravigote!


I am always SO excited when I go to a restaurant and see the following item on the menu: "Moules Frite." Because the translation of that is "mussels with french fries," and I adore mussels with french fries. I adore mussels in general, as you know if you have read this, and this, and this. So when you add french fries to the mix...well, you have me at hello. This recipe goes a teeny tiny bit over my "done in 30 minutes or less or we ain't having it" weekday cooking rule, but that is only because the fries need to cook for about 25 minutes to get to that wonderful crispy golden state of done-ness. And while they are cooking you can leisurely go about tossing together the super-simple mussels part of the recipe, which involves steaming them in a bath of white wine and clam juice, and putting together a mixture of onion, chopped pickles, herbs and mustard that gets tossed with the mussels once they were done. The Southern husband couldn't stop talking about how great Read More & Get the Recipe

Meatloaf Sandwiches


You know, I really wondered about this one. I found the recipe in one of my favorite places, the Everyday Foods magazine, and at first I thought, this sounds like a fun use for leftover meatloaf. And then I read it more closely and realized that the recipe called for making the meatloaf specifically for the sandwiches. Hmm. Meatloaf-making is not a short process. It's not hard, but it's not short. So in my house, that automatically turns it into a Sunday dinner. I did do a little bit of agonizing about serving the family sandwiches for Sunday dinner. We are a little fast and loose about where and how we eat during the week (eat dinner on the couch while watching Glee? Sure, we can do that!) but on Sundays I do insist on the dining room, the candles, all family members present and accounted for, etc. So...sandwiches? The dog promised me it would be okay, so I went for it. And oh my goodness. This meatloaf is laced with both horseradish and shredded cheddar cheese, so it is Read More & Get the Recipe