Chicken Piccata


[Tweet "Quick and easy chicken piccata is the perfect weekend supper!"] Yum, chicken piccata. This is what I call a Monday Supper. Monday Suppers, since they are on Mondays, need to be simple, fast, totally reliable and with as few ingredients as possible. Because they fall on MONDAYS, which are the opposite of slow, lazy Sundays, where spending the afternoon in the kitchen making something long and complicated is a wonderful thing. But 24 hours later, long and complicated is no longer wonderful. Short and simple, that's what Monday dinners are all about. And so chicken piccata, that is why I love you, with your very few ingredients and your warm, lemony, buttery taste. You are the perfect Monday Supper. This is a very easy supper, but you must use nice chicken breasts -- not too thick, not too thin, about 1/2 inch thick is perfect. Pound those babies if you have to, although I find if you use the chicken labeled "thin cut chicken breasts" you are usually okay. Fresh lemon juice Read More & Get the Recipe