Crostini with Lemony Mascarpone and Sweet Fiery Peppers


The other day I got to photograph the latest event in our local Meet The Chefs series. I do love these assignments, because not only do I get to meet some amazing chefs, I also get both eat their scrumptious creations AND find out how they make them. This time the chef was the wonderful Jessica Marotta. Here's Jessica in her natural habitat.... And here she is ready to show all of us how to make these fabulous crostini. Jessica's theme for the event was mascarpone cheese, which she makes herself, and which she used in both this recipe and a dessert recipe that I will post later. Luckily for me, she promised it was perfectly okay to use store bought mascarpone. I have mastered making my own ricotta, but mascarpone...I might need to work my way up to that. Anyway, she started out by showing us how to make the peppers. She cut them up into nice thin strips in that lightening fast way that chefs can do. (I love watching them do that.) And cooked them in olive oil and Read More & Get the Recipe