Spicy Fried Noodles

spicy fried noodles

Here's the ironic thing about this recipe for spicy fried noodles: I am the least spicy person I know.   I am the one who buys the mild salsa at the supermarket.  I am the one who is slightly afraid of the bottle of Sriracha sauce in my fridge.  I am the one who buys one lonely jalapeño for a recipe, and then uses about 1/8 of it.  So why on earth I was motivated to make spicy fried noodles, and why on earth I ate every last speck on my plate is anyone's guess...but I did and I did, and I'm going to make them AGAIN.  Which just goes to show you that anything can happen! Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Shrimp and Watermelon Kebabs

grilled shrimp and watermelon

I'm back after my break for graduation festivities (more on that below!) and I'm bringing grilled shrimp and watermelon kebabs with me.  Because while the Southern husband and I are the best kind of exhausted, we aren't quite ready to stop celebrating, and there are few things that are as casually festive as a good old kebab.  Especially a shrimp kebab.  Especially a shrimp kebab with the sweet deliciousness of watermelon.  And because of the happy exhaustion part, I needed something that needed minimal prep time and maximum flavor.  Hello, super fast, super delicious, super easy grilled shrimp and watermelon kebabs, which don't even require a single pan. Win! Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Cheese Asparagus Salad

asparagus grilled cheese salad

I realized WAY late in the game that April is National Grilled Cheese Month, which is a pretty pathetic state of affairs for a food blogger.  Especially one (like me) who lives for a good grilled cheese sandwich.  In a last minute effort to catch up, I've included some of my all-time favorite grilled cheeses in the related posts at the bottom of this one, but given that April is also 3 short months away from National Bikini Month, I am combining this grilled cheese with a delectable asparagus and apple salad to make it a fair fight between grilled cheese and the possibility of me getting into a bikini in 3 months. Read More & Get the Recipe

Creamy Peanut Soup

creamy peanut soup

We are a family that likes our peanuts. From good old pb&j sandwiches to just noshing on them by the handful, we have yet to meet a peanut anything we don't like.  Maybe it's the Southern husband's Georgia upbringing.  Maybe it's just the salty crunchy deliciousness.  Whatever it is, it led me down the road to this creamy and unusual soup, full of smooth peanut flavor and garnished with chopped (say it with me) peanuts!  And since we are smack in the middle of soup season, otherwise known as the month of January, it's the perfect time to give this a try. Read More & Get the Recipe

One Bowl Suppers: Shrimp with Watercress, Feta and Sugar Snap Peas

shrimp with watercress, feta and sugar snap peas

Here's my latest in the series of one bowl suppers that the Southern husband and I have been experimenting with over the last couple of months.  Just as a reminder, the one bowl suppers combine a green veggie or two, a whole grain and some kind of protein along with a few garnishes in one bowl...all of which sounds very science-ish until you realized that this actually means shrimp, watercress, feta cheese, sugar snap peas, sliced apple and brown rice garnished with honey roasted peanuts and drizzled with yogurt ranch dressing.  Oh yes. Read More & Get the Recipe

Homemade Peanut Butter In Five Minutes!


One of my favorite things to do is to experiment with making some of the things we usually buy in jars and cans and boxes at the supermarket.  The trick is, they have to be less of an effort than getting in the car, driving to the market, putting it in the cart, waiting in the checkout line and unloading it at home.  So far, the things I have figured out that are both faster and more delicious than that whole process include ricotta cheese, hummus and butter.  Pickles aren't as fast (they do have to pickle themselves for a week or two) but they taste one million times better.  And now I can add peanut butter to this list! Read More & Get the Recipe