Tomato Peach Salad

tomato peach salad

This tomato peach salad is as close as I am ever going to get to actually reproducing the month of August on a plate.  Right now we are at the pinnacle of local tomatoes and local peaches, and the teeny mint leaves in the picture are about as local as you can get, seeing as they are growing right outside my back door.   A heap of those good things, a drizzle of sherry vinaigrette and you have the prettiest, easiest salad in town.  Which is almost enough to make you forget all those back to school ads and other harbingers of, yep, FALL.  So gather up some peaches and tomatoes and let's make beautiful salad together! Read More & Get the Recipe

Spiced Peaches with Serrano Ham and Basil


There are a few things that say to me, it is completely, totally, no doubt about it summer.  Like these spiced peaches with Serrano ham and basil. And the day we flip the switch on the ceiling fans and don't turn it off again until October.  The day it is actually hot enough for me to put on my bathing suit In Public.  The day my basil gets so rampant that I start figuring out if I can work it into a breakfast recipe along with lunch and dinner.  And the day that the REAL peaches hit the farmer's market.  Not the rock hard ones that have been flown in during the winter, but the sweet-smelling, velvety, juicy peaches that are just begging to be bitten into.  Yep, peach juice on your chin - you know what I'm talking about! Read More & Get the Recipe

Easy Strawberry Peach Sorbet


I'm going to go on record right here and say it: I am anti-ice cream maker.  There's something about making the custard (terrifying enough) and making sure the ice cream maker insert is frozen enough, and going through all the churning and never knowing for sure if you are going to end up with ice cream or a really sweet-tasting soup that makes me want to bolt for the nearest Dairy Queen.  But sorbet that you can make in your food processor in 10 minutes flat?  Sorbet made of fresh strawberries and peaches?  Sorbet that comes out perfectly every single time?  Yup, I'm going to go on record right here and say I'm in. Read More & Get the Recipe

Peach Crostini with Prosciutto and Ricotta


Is there anything better than a sweet, juicy peach right smack in the middle of summer?  A gorgeous, fat peach that you can almost taste just from the velvety smell of it?   We are in the midst of a bit of a peach controversy in our house due to this recent article in The New York Times.  The Southern husband was brought up deep in the heart of Georgia which is, as he has pointed out about a thousand times lately, The Peach State. The teenager, however, is now a full-fledged member of the Clemson University community, located in the great state of South Carolina.  And according to the Times, South Carolina has shipped double the amount of peaches as Georgia this year.  And being the enthusiastic, faithful Clemson Tiger that she now is, she is throwing her hat into South Carolina's ring, peach-wise. This character is also originally from South Carolina, where she was rescued as a wee puppy. However, she will pretty much eat anything, anywhere, from anyplace, so she's not Read More & Get the Recipe

Peaches and Cream Pie

peaches and cream pie

Peaches, peaches, peaches.  I love them...the way they taste, the way they smell, the fact that they are perfect, perfect symbol of summer.   However.  They are NOT the easiest fruit in the world to work with when you are baking with them.  You have to boil them for a few minutes in order to peel them, and then you have to deal with getting the dang peach pit out of the center.  All the peaches I have ever met hang on to that pit for dear life, and so I usually end up spending a lot of quality time with my paring knife and peach juice running down my arm.  So if I am going to go through all that (and who knows, maybe it is just me and the rest of the world only runs into well-behaved peaches), then whatever I am making better be worth it. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Peaches and Cream Pie, otherwise known as Worth It. One of my other issues is usually with peach pies...actually with most fruit pies...and that is that while they are usually scrumptious, they are also, Read More & Get the Recipe

Ridiculously Easy Peach Crumble


[Tweet "This ridiculously easy peach crumble is a real crowd pleaser! Just don't admit HOW easy it is."] This incredibly, addictively delicious dessert was SO easy in so many ways, it almost doesn't seem fair. The recipe itself almost doesn't require a bowl, a mixer or even a spoon. The lovely picture above was definitely the easiest one I've ever posted (more on that later). And here's how scrumptious it is: the Southern husband, who is usually not a big dessert person and pretty much the only one I know who can eat ONE fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie at time took a bite of this as it was cooling on the counter. And another. And another. By the time it actually came time to serve the thing as an official dessert, I would say about a third of it had been nibbled away. Yep, it's that good. No exaggeration. Now get ready for how easy it is. You take one of those big 28 ounce jars of sliced peaches in light syrup. Dump the whole thing in a 13x9 inch pan, syrup and all. Now Read More & Get the Recipe