Cheddar Vegetable Orzo


I'm usually not so much about the side you know, I am more about desserts and main courses and anything made with bacon or chocolate.  Or bacon AND chocolate.  But this delectable combination of orzo pasta, fresh veggies and melty cheddar cheese has me making an exception on the whole side dish thing, because it really is irresistible.  Even without any added bacon. Read More & Get the Recipe

Orzo with Goat Cheese, Peas and Mint


Usually, I make a big deal of Eating Dinner Together At The Dining Room Table As a Family.  Especially on Sundays.  There's just something about being at the table, with placemats and candles and fabric napkins that makes me feel like all is right with the world.  And now that my teenager is leaving for college in a matter of days, I've gotten even more, shall we say, insistent?  I'm trying to memorize every last detail of her sunny face across the table from me.  Somehow I don't think gazing into this face across the table is going to be the same. Although I'm thinking I am going to miss the teenager so incredibly much that I might actually break down and let the dog sit in her chair, just so it's not so, well, EMPTY. Anyway.  Family dinners are great, but every once in a while there is nothing like eating supper out of mis-matched bowls on the sofa in front of a movie, with the dog curled up at your feet looking pleadingly at whatever you are eating.   And this is one of Read More & Get the Recipe

Avgolemono Soup with Chicken and Orzo

chicken orzo avgolomono soup

Okay, so where should I start with this soup? Let's start with the name, which is pronounced Ahv-go-leh-MAN-o. I think. It's Greek, and I am Irish-American, and so I am on shaky ground here.  I've now picked out the recipe, made the recipe, photographed the recipe, eaten the recipe, and I am STILL asking the Southern husband how to both pronounce and spell it. So next I should tell you that I posted on my Facebook page that I would be making this soup for dinner, and I got a whole string of comments in response.  Which were pretty evenly divided between people who (based on the word avgolemeno) had NO idea what I was cooking in my kitchen these days, and people who knew exactly what it was and left all kinds helpful advice about combining eggs with hot broth.  I was direly warned that because the base of this recipe is a mixture of chicken broth, lemon juice and beaten eggs, if I was not both EXTREMELY CAREFUL and EXTREMELY LUCKY, I could mess the whole thing up by adding Read More & Get the Recipe