Bangers and Mash

bangers and mash

Happy Saint Patrick's Day one and all (or as my Irish mama calls it, The Day!)'s finally here, and I know all of you are Irish today regardless of where your ancestors hail from.  Mine hail from Ireland, which is why you won't catch me wearing any green today.  My Irish grandmother Aileen alway said to me, "Kate, you should never wear green on Saint Patrick's Day because you don't need to - you have Irish blood in your veins!"  I do eat all the Irish food around me though, including my mama's scones and brown bread, and of course the classic corned beef and colcannon.  But if you want to mix things up a little on The Day, you could also do bangers and mash.  These are just as much English as they are Irish, which introduces a little harmony as well.  Plus they are easy and delicious, especially when you top them with a little onion gravy. Read More & Get the Recipe

Bake and Scoop Chicken Fajitas

bake and scoop chicken fajitas

I love getting fajitas in a restaurant.  As a matter of fact, I like when ANYONE gets fajitas in a restaurant.  The smoky, sizzling drama of it all - "Be careful!!" Very Hot Plate!!" - in combination with the spicy deliciousness of it all is just plain delicious in every way.  However, the thought of recreating the smoky sizzling part at home seems like a direct invitation to my over-zealous smoke alarm to do its thing, and so I came up with a little less dramatic, still just as delicious version of fajitas...a version that bakes up in the oven and lets you scoop it right out of the baking dish into your tortilla.  Bake and scoop fajitas! Read More & Get the Recipe

Perfect Slow Cooker Pot Roast

slow cooker pot roast

Ah, pot roast.  It can be a wonderful tender dish of hearty and comforting deliciousness, or it can be...dry.  And chewy.  And I am here to tell you that I have been there at the dry and chewy end of cooking a pot roast for hours, a pot roast that smelled like all kinds of heaven, only to have it taste like all kinds of not-heaven.  So in an effort not have this happen ever again to anyone in the universe, I need to tell you about my perfect-every-time in the slow cooker pot roast.  Perfect. Every Time. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Beer Chicken Sliders

slow cooker beer chicken sliders

I have always been completely tempted and so far not brave enough to make beer can chicken.  You know, the kind where you place a partially full can of beer inside a chicken's, um, cavity, and then roast the whole thing on the grill?  I hear tell that it makes a lovely, tender, aromatic chicken, but I can't seem to escape the thought of the chicken exploding out of my grill and into the neighbor's yard, propelled by the vapors of a can of Bud Lite, ruining my reputation as a food blogger for all eternity.  But since the whole idea of chicken and beer has me mesmerized, I took the coward's way out and came up with a way that involves chicken, beer, a few onions, bbq sauce, a slow cooker and not much else.  And dang if it wasn't delectable! Read More & Get the Recipe

Salisbury Steak!

salisbury steak

So, for the longest time the words "Salisbury" and "Steak" conjured up images for me of those TV dinners that used to come in foil trays.  You know, the ones that had different sections for the mashed potatoes, the peas and carrots, and the Salisbury Steak?  And so it has taken me years to shake my skepticism regarding Salisbury Steak, which is totally unfair to the non-TV-dinner form of Salisbury Steak, because as it turns out, when you make it yourself it is a warm and wonderful plate of hearty deliciousness. Read More & Get the Recipe

Easy Carrot Soup!


Carrots, carrots, carrots - I love 'em.  Maybe it's the sweet crunch.  Maybe it's that they are the perfect portable guilt-free snack.  Maybe it's my red hair - who knows?  One thing I do know is that when you take carrots and onions and thyme and chicken broth and cook and blend them up into a thick, creamy, dreamy soup, something magic happens.  Carrot-wise. Read More & Get the Recipe