Hermit Cookies


Here's another in my series of cookies that are not the prettiest cookies on the block, but pack a sweet and perfect taste that will make it really hard to keep your hand out of that cookie jar.  Hermits are soft, sweet spice cookies that are packed with raisins and walnuts and deliciousness.  Why are they called hermits?  I have no idea (and if YOU do, please tell me?)...what I do know is that I love them.  Love. Them. Read More & Get the Recipe

Eggnog Cookies


'Tis the season of eggnog, and I love eggnog just a little bit too much for my own good.  I am SO happy to buy that first carton that shows up on the supermarket shelf, but after I have a glass or two I start getting that little annoying voice in my head that reminds me that eggnog is about one million calories a glassful, and that's before you start eating the Christmas cookies that go along with it. This cookie is the answer to all of that.  It's a light and delicious little treat with just a hint of eggnog flavor in it (there is only 1/4 cup of eggnog in the whole batch), and those little brown flecks on the top of the cookie?  Yep, nutmeg.  It's like having a cup of eggnog AND a Christmas cookie, all in one scrumptious package.  Plus they are a snap to make. AND, if you have any eggnog left over after all that, you can make this. Except for the recipe, which I snagged from the always fabulous The Cooking Photographer's blog - LOVE her.     Eggnog Cookies   Read More & Get the Recipe

Roasted Butternut Dip


It's October, and you know what that means, right? (I can hear both my dad and my Southern husband yelling in unison, "IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!") Well, yes it is. And with football season come football snacks. Because if you are going to hunker down at 1pm and not come up for air until 7pm, you need some sustenance to keep you going. I am certainly not beyond dumping the Family Size bag of nacho cheese Doritos into a bowl and calling it a day, but amid all the salty/cheesy/Day-Glo-colored stuff I do like to sneak in something modestly healthy every once in a while that can hold its own with the other snacks. This delicious dip is one of those things, and I promise you, the hardest part of the whole thing is cutting open the dang butternut. Those things are tough, and it would be really convenient to have a linebacker on call to cut the squash in half for you, but maybe you can convince whomever is watching the football in your house to chop it open for you before kick-off. Unless Read More & Get the Recipe