Tomato Peach Salad

tomato peach salad

This tomato peach salad is as close as I am ever going to get to actually reproducing the month of August on a plate.  Right now we are at the pinnacle of local tomatoes and local peaches, and the teeny mint leaves in the picture are about as local as you can get, seeing as they are growing right outside my back door.   A heap of those good things, a drizzle of sherry vinaigrette and you have the prettiest, easiest salad in town.  Which is almost enough to make you forget all those back to school ads and other harbingers of, yep, FALL.  So gather up some peaches and tomatoes and let's make beautiful salad together! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cucumber Mint Noodles

cucumber mint salad

Those of you who are frequent visitors to Framed Cooks (I love you all!) may be noticing that things are looking a little different around here, and more on that as soon as I finish telling you about my latest noodle adventure!  One of the great discoveries my summer so far has been that noodles can come from many places.  I already knew about the pasta boxes that line my pantry, but apparently there is this whole world of carrot and squash and cucumber and probably millions of other fresh summer veggies that make dang good noodles.  That discovery, along with a gift of some cucumbers and the mint that is taking over the world in my back yard led me to one of my current noodle crushes: cucumber mint noodles, which are dressed with an easy lemon ginger sauce to give them a little kick.  Let's talk noodles! Read More & Get the Recipe

Tuna Farro Salad

tuna farro salad

We are down to the last hours before the first holiday weekend of Summer 2015, and if you are in charge of the eats, I'm thinking you have your main course all ready to roll.  My dad's recipe for Coca-Cola Ribs has moved into the first place position on this site as folks get ready to fire up the grill.  But if you are still working on ideas for fun and festive sides, I'm here to put in my vote for this delectable tuna farro salad.  Hearty, healthy and a good alternative if you have any non-meat-eaters in the crowds, and it stars my all-time favorite grain, the scrumptious farro.  And while you CAN sub in other grains (more on that later), if you haven't tried the deliciousness that is farro, here's your chance! Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Seafood Packets


I used to be very wary of anything that combined seafood with my grill. Oh sure, I had all the stuff that’s supposed to keep it from sticking to the grill like a magnet (yes, I have that grill basket shaped like a fish…somewhere…), but this particular recipe takes a different approach that makes it pretty dang foolproof. In this case, you are not putting your beautiful seafood right on the grill. Nope, you are putting them into nice little foil packets that steam your shrimp and scallops into perfection. Read More & Get the Recipe

Fresh Mint Tea


Fresh mint tea is one of the ways I know that yes, spring is here for sure.  Because out of all my brave herbs out there in my kitchen barrel gardens, the mint is always the first one to leaf out, and just like that, winter is gone and summer is just around the corner.  And one the best ways to celebrate (especially on those spring days when there is still a little chill in the air) is a warm, sweet-smelling cup of the easiest tea in the world to make.   Read More & Get the Recipe

Chocolate Mint Cookies


I have SO many things to say about this simple little recipe.  If you can't bear to wait through all my random thoughts, skip down to the end where you will see that these little gems come together with just three ingredients, and in just about no time.   Otherwise, don't say I didn't warn you. First of all, I have to admit that I was a Brownie drop-out.  I was miserable at all the things Brownies are supposed to be good at.  I wasn't able to sew a half-way decent sit-upon (remember those?).  I could never find my uniform on the days I was supposed to wear it (it was probably under my bed, where I stashed things when my mother put her foot down and made us Clean Our Rooms.)   Practically the only happy memory I have of my short-lived Brownie career, other than the happy happy day when my mom took pity on my and let me drop out, was the discovery of Girl Scout Thin Mints.  Oh yes.  Chocolate covered wafers of pure happiness.  Loved them then, love them now.  I would also like to Read More & Get the Recipe