Spicy Fried Noodles

spicy fried noodles

Here's the ironic thing about this recipe for spicy fried noodles: I am the least spicy person I know.   I am the one who buys the mild salsa at the supermarket.  I am the one who is slightly afraid of the bottle of Sriracha sauce in my fridge.  I am the one who buys one lonely jalapeño for a recipe, and then uses about 1/8 of it.  So why on earth I was motivated to make spicy fried noodles, and why on earth I ate every last speck on my plate is anyone's guess...but I did and I did, and I'm going to make them AGAIN.  Which just goes to show you that anything can happen! Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Tuna with Sesame Noodles

tuna with sesame noodles

The Southern husband and I love us some seafood in the summer.  It's light, it's delicious, it's good for us and in the case of this particular recipe, it involves cooking some tuna for exactly one minute per side.  Yup.  One minute.  When you put this fact together with my favorite sesame noodle recipe (also super-fast) and a little lettuce - well, summer suppers don't get too much better. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken Pasta Carbonara


Pasta carbonara is one of my go-to dishes when I need to unexpectedly make dinner.  Say, for a returning crowd of college students who arrive at a time of day when you think they can't possibly be hungry, but in fact they ARE.  Starving.  And since I am lucky enough to know a whole passel of starving college students, I can practically make pasta carbonara in my sleep.  So I decided it was time to up my game, pasta carbonara-wise, and all it took to take it from good to pretty dang great was some shredded chicken and a few scallions....and it was a whole new taste sensation! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lemon Chicken Pasta


There are a few recipes in my collection that are near and dear to my heart not only because they taste so dang good, but because they remind me of wonderful times.  My mama's cream scones.  My grandmother's molasses cookies.  My baby girl's favorite banana muffins.  The back of the Nestle's chocolate chip bag recipe for chocolate chip cookies that my friend Lynne and I have been making since we were nine years old.  And this lemony, buttery, easy lemon chicken pasta recipe. Read More & Get the Recipe

Linguine with Bacon, Goat Cheese and Sugar Snap Peas


Linguine with bacon, goat cheese and sugar snap peas?  I have officially decided that this is my new favorite spring recipe.  Because if for no other reason, I simply love saying "sugar snaps."  There's something so, well, spring-like about how that sounds...full of sparkle and possibilities, just like spring!  And if you add a little bacon to the equation....do I really need to say more? Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken Parmigiana


Okay, I promised when I kicked off this spiffy new blog design that we were going to do some celebrating, and here it comes!  The best way I know to celebrate some blog newness is by giving away some cookbooks...and so I'm going to give away some cookbooks!  And I'm going to start off by giving away the newest one from Ree Drummond, the wonderful writer, photographer and fabulous cook who has inspired so many of us to try this whole blog thing.  And while I'm giving away her book, I'm also going to share my take on her fabulous, fabulous chicken parmigiana. Read More & Get the Recipe