Shrimp Avocado Salad

shrimp avocado salad

Are you one of those people who (like me) can't say no to either shrimp cocktail or guacamole?  Then you are going to LOVE this easy, summery shrimp avocado salad.  Cool chopped shrimp, buttery avocado, salty crunchy cashews, sweet cherry tomatoes, tangy lime juice...I am running out of adjectives, so instead I will just say that not only is this a fun conglomeration of so many of my food crushes in one bowl, it also breaks all indoor speed records for making it.  As in, you put everything together in a bowl, you mix it up gently, and you proceed directly with your fork in your hand to the dinner table.  Does it get any better than this?  Nor for us shrimp and avocado lovers it doesn't! Read More & Get the Recipe

Raspberry Fizz

raspberry fizz

This refreshing little raspberry fizz recipe came about as a result of me not being able to keep my hands off of ANYTHING that has the word "local" on it at our nearby farm market.  Local strawberries, local peaches, local blueberries...they all have me at hello.  And local raspberries?  They immediately bring back memories of my grandmother's Vermont farm, where we were sent out with buckets to bring back blackberries and raspberries with the promise of pie.  So that little cardboard container with the cheery fuzzy raspberries didn't stand a chance.  Nope, I popped it in my cart and brought it home where I made it right into that sparkly glass of raspberry fizz you see up there.  You can too! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lobster Avocado Soup and Sing For Hope!

lobster avocado soup

I am ridiculously excited about everything I am about to tell you, and not just because it involves a recipe for creamy, dreamy Lobster Avocado soup!  As delectable as this recipe is (and it IS!), even more delectable is everything I am going to tell you and show you about an amazing project going on right this very minute called Sing for Hope.  (And I promise that somewhere in all of this I will make an actual connection between lobster avocado soup and Sing For Hope, but you know's a process).  In the meantime, get ready for an inspirational true story about 50 old pianos, how they got a new lease on life and are in the process of bringing hope and joy to a whole bunch of people.  Here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Shrimp and Watermelon Kebabs

grilled shrimp and watermelon

I'm back after my break for graduation festivities (more on that below!) and I'm bringing grilled shrimp and watermelon kebabs with me.  Because while the Southern husband and I are the best kind of exhausted, we aren't quite ready to stop celebrating, and there are few things that are as casually festive as a good old kebab.  Especially a shrimp kebab.  Especially a shrimp kebab with the sweet deliciousness of watermelon.  And because of the happy exhaustion part, I needed something that needed minimal prep time and maximum flavor.  Hello, super fast, super delicious, super easy grilled shrimp and watermelon kebabs, which don't even require a single pan. Win! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lime and Ginger Steak

line ginger flank steak

In my last post I went on and on and on about how it was getting to be springtime and how that meant fresh herbs were not far behind and how much I adore the taste of fresh herbs in my recipes and so on and so on.  Today I'm going to bend your ear about the other wonderful thing about not having multiple feet of snow in your hard, and that is grilling. GRILLING IS BACK.  As in, steak that has been marinated in lime juice and fresh ginger and scallions and olive oil and grilled outside until it is tender and juicy and served with some extra lime wedges on the side. It's like a steak margarita.  I speak from having very limited margarita experience (I am a merlot girl) but I think if steak was a margarita, this would be it. Read More & Get the Recipe

Light and Easy Fried Fish Tacos

fried fish taco

Man, have I been in a fish taco mood lately.  Which works out well for the Southern husband who loves fish tacos, and is very happy that I am not in, say, a brussels sprout mood or a chicken liver mood or a couscous mood, all things that I love but he doesn't.  But fish tacos he is happy to eat night after night, which we did until I got things down to my two favorites...the quick and scrumptious grilled fish tacos I wrote about the other day, and these light and delectable fried fish tacos.  And while we did adore the grilled fish tacos....these fried ones?  They are the grand prize winners in my house. Read More & Get the Recipe